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March/April 2021 Update

In a (large) nutshell

I know I've been way too quiet on email, just when I should be reiterating how incredibly important it is for you guys right now, to be in regular touch with your email list, and more importantly making sure you're giving them plenty of valuable resources, in the run up to lockdown easing (at least in the UK). Unfortunately though, sometimes even the best of us don't manage to practice what we preach, but we have created so much new content over the last few weeks, that even I can't keep up!

I've also personally written the entire April journal (which is also 8 pages bigger than normal). It's a complete marketing compendium and handbook, that will walk you through a proven strategy for growing your business from start to finish. Not only that, but it will also show you how to squeeze every last penny and cent of value out of the various Co-Kinetic subscriptions!

It's 60-page, 45,000+ word document that's jam-packed full of practical advice on how to structure, plan and implement your marketing. It's literally exploding with ideas, information, infographics, checklists, cheatsheets and a whole bunch of content that I hope you'll find not only invaluable, but also inspirational.

More about that in a minute (ie. below).

In the last 6 weeks we've also published:

  • A brand new Positive Pregnancy Marketing Campaign including: 11 x brandable patient information resources; 40 unique social media posts and animations; an email lead collection and lead magnet delivery page; a pre-written blog post; nurture email; PowerPoint presentation; and webinar sign-up and delivery pages (see links below).
  • We've updated our Lockdown Liberation Voucher campaign with 10 new social media posts helping you to promote your voucher campaign and generate some much-needed cash.
  • A new "Back in Action" Business Event Web Sign-Up page, with 10 pieces of accompanying social media, which you can use to run any kind of 'return to business' campaign in the coming weeks as we start to emerge from lockdown in the UK. This is included in the Full Site subscription or can be purchased individually here. Again this can be used to promote some kind of event to generate new business or direct sales.
  • 4 new social media campaigns under the Social Media and Lead Collection subscription (Golf Injuries, Avoid the Pinch Shoulder Injuries, Hamstring Injuries, Headaches and Women's Health)
  • A Random Acts of Kindness Social Media Campaign and Posters: 19 unique pieces of social media and 4 feel-good brandable posters for your clinic or treatment walls encouraging people to try different random acts of kindness during their day - this content is available to EVERYONE - no subscription required.
  • 3 new infographic posters for your clinic or treatment room walls.

You'll find links to the content below.

The Co-Kinetic Compendium of Marketing and Clinic Growth for Physical Therapists and Manual Therapists (also the April issue of the Co-Kinetic journal)

This Compendium is both a marketing guide and a handbook helping you to get the very best value from your Co-Kinetic subscription as well as your marketing activities as a whole.

It details a three-step marketing strategy, designed specifically to overcome the six biggest marketing obstacles that more than 1,500 physical and manual therapists have identified as holding them back from building thriving businesses.

It’s also a long overdue, all-in-one-place outline of the full range of services at your disposal through the Co-Kinetic subscriptions – including several new features developed to help you adapt to the post-Covid business landscape.

As well as detailed descriptions of everything available to you, you’ll find tips on how to use your social media, run successful live events, attract new customers with discount vouchers and more. You’ll also find handy marketing cheat sheets to help make sure you’re doing the right things at the right time.

It’s our way of ensuring you’re getting the best value – and the most customers – from your Co-Kinetic resources as you look to build your business.

If you have an existing subscription, I would particularly highlight Part 3 which goes into quite a lot of detail about how to get the most from each of your subscriptions and also 20 things you probably had no idea you could do with your subscription!

You can access it here and subscribers will receive a print copy sometime around the 10th-13th April (or a few days later if you're based outside the UK).

New Content By Subscription

Patient Information Resources Subscription

Clinical Education Subscription (including SMA Members)

Social Media, Lead Collection and Clinical Education Subscription

Full Site Subscription

Oh and I nearly forgot...

As I wrote the Compendium, I've also been adding to and updating the Help Section which you can find here.

And I've introduced some guided step-by-step tours to help you do things like launch social media campaigns, add your branding, take a tour around a campaign, update your credit card, show you around your content etc. I've still got a few more to do (in which case they won't have a link) but most of the key ones are done and I'll be finishing the rest this month. You can find them all here.

And last but not least, here are some highlights..

Phew! Enjoy :)