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Pain Does Not Always Indicate Injury

These days it is understood that for most chronic pain, ongoing nociceptive triggers are rare. Instead, therapists have to treat a much more complex mix of central sensitisation, anxiety and fear of pain. This involves having a thorough knowledge of pain neuroscience as well as biopsychosocially-driven pain management strategies. This article will allow you to start by understanding your patient before educating them to understand their pain and then to deliver a graded cognition-targeted exercise therapy plan to free your patient from their fear and limitations of chronic pain.

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Pain in the Athlete

Many competitive and professional athletes live with some form of chronic or persistent pain that is not caused by tissue damage. This article will allow you to distinguish between ‘pain’ and ‘injury’ and to treat pain in the athlete in a holistic manner using physical therapy as well as a biopsychosocial approach, a positive unified message across the interdisciplinary team, informed and shared decision-making that empowers the athlete.

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Working With The Long Covid Client: A Massage Therapist's Perspective

As of April 2021, it is estimated that there are 1.1 million people in the UK living with long Covid, according to the Office of National Statistics: a condition that did not exist one year ago ( Yet, since March 2020 many massage therapists have been unable to work hands-on in clinic and so as a profession we have little or no clinical experience of treating people with long Covid. With many massage therapists being independent self-employed practitioners, how can we best inform ourselves for treating this new cohort of clients? We need to have some clear ideas to develop our clinical reasoning behind our treatments based on the experience of those within the medical profession. Even then, we need to realise that our understanding of long Covid is developing and, as yet, there is not a clear definitive strategy to ‘fix’ long Covid symptoms.

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Oncology Massage: The Lymphatic System

Given that the statistics suggest that one in two of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, we will undoubtedly see patients who have been or are being treated for cancer. Massage therapy is beneficial in many ways, but the ill-informed therapist can also easily make their patients’ lives worse by triggering lymphoedema. This article gives you a brief overview of the lymphatic system, a thorough look at how it can be affected by cancer treatment and the adaptations that you need to make to your practice so that you can safely treat patients who have or at risk of developing lymphoedema. This article has been extracted from the authors’ book Oncology Massage: An integrative approach to cancer care, which is a must-read for anyone involved with people with or who have had cancer treatment. Login or register a free account below to access the contents, key points and discussion questions that accompany the article.

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Timeless Testimonials: The Power of Reviews

It’s easy for some (although admittedly not all), to brag about themselves and the services and products they offer, but there’s honestly no better way to build trust and demonstrate authenticity and validity than by using customer testimonials. This article discusses the evidence behind why testimonials and reviews can have such an impact both on your bottom line as well as the ability to be found, and then looks at some practical ways to implement what we discuss. We've also produced some posters, postcards and review request leaflets that you can add your own details to using a free account on the online design platform, Canva and use to request reviews from your clients. It even includes some helpful tips on writing a review.

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Marketing Metrics That Matter (and Those That Don’t)

All too often we get caught up measuring the wrong things when it comes to our marketing and as the saying goes, ‘garbage in, garbage out’. In other words, if you put in the wrong data, you’ll get the wrong answers. This article looks at eight marketing metrics that matter and explains why they matter when it comes to helping you achieve the right business goals from your marketing. It also exposes the vanity metrics that don’t matter, which are often the ones we spend too much time on. You’ll be glad to hear that all eight metrics are relatively easy to track as well, so gathering them doesn’t need to consume great amounts of time either.

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Post-Viral Fatigue Marketing Campaign

Post-Viral Fatigue is closely connected with Long-Covid and also linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and ME. This campaign is designed to help you offer advice and services to sufferers and their carers.

The campaign contains a whole range of resources detailed below, all of which are aimed at helping you to add value and strengthen relationships with existing customers, social media followers and prospective customers. Use the resources to help you promote yourself locally and build reputation and authority while consistently adding value to your viewers and readers.

All subscribers (inc. SMA members)

  • 9 printable/downloadable client advice leaflets (which also double up as lead magnets in the Social Media campaign)
  • 1 x A4 newsletter (great to print out (or have professionally printed) and circulate to your clients and in your local area)

Social Media and Full Site Subscribers

A social media awareness campaign that includes value-added patient resources accessible through an email lead collection page, designed to help you collect new email leads and segment your email list.

  • 31 unique and originally-designed social media posts you can use to increase engagement on your social networks, build followers AND collect new email leads through your social networks using our inbuilt email lead collection pages and offers of high-value downloads
  • 7 videos and explainer animations
  • 1 lead collection page where people can sign up to access the high-value lead magnet resources (everything is designed, hosted and taken care of for you)
  • 1 lead magnet delivery page (again hosted and taken care of for you)
  • A pre-written automated (but editable) email autoresponder for anyone signing up to your new resources

Full Site Subscribers Only

  • A ready-to-send nurture email you can use to build authority and strengthen your relationships with your existing email contacts while also adding value
  • A pre-written blog post with images ready for you to publish on your website or blog to help boost the search engine optimisation of your website
  • A ready-to-deliver PowerPoint presentation you can use to run an education event designed to increase your profile locally (and make sales (if desired))
  • A pre-built, pre-written web sign-up page to help you take sign-ups to your education event
  • A customisable web sign-up page designed to enable you to take payments for any upsells connected to your education event
  • Step by step instructions on how to implement a sales-generating conversion campaign

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Other Content

5 Ways to Support Your Local Business Artwork

After everything we've been through in 2020 and 2021 we thought it would be a good idea to produce some artwork you could use to encourage people to take actions that will help to support small businesses such as physical and manual therapy businesses. Use these resources to help people understand what they can do to help.

Print the poster out for your clinic walls and use the postcard to send to customers who may be happy to help you out.

  • 1 x Poster - download and print out from your home computer or order professionally printed A3, A2, A1 posters through Canva
  • 1 x Poster Christmas Themed - download and print out from your home computer or order professionally printed A3, A2, A1 posters through Canva
  • 1 x Postcard (as above)

Customer Review Request Artwork

Customer reviews are arguably the single most important marketing activity you can do (closely followed by building a quality email list). This piece of artwork lets you add your own review links and the leaflet also includes some helpful advice for your customer on how to write a good review.

This is a no-brainer leaflet or postcard to have located in a dispenser in your reception area which you can give to patients after their appointments.

  • 1 x Leaflet - add your own review link and then download and print out from your home computer or order professionally versions through Canva
  • 1 x Postcard (as above)

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