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January/February 2021 Update

Co-Kinetic Journal Jan 2021

It includes the following articles:

  • Positive Pregnancy: Practitioner Update
  • The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Health & Wellbeing: Oct-Dec 2020 [Infographic]
  • The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual & Physical Therapy: Oct-Dec 2020 [Infographic]
  • The Power of Giving Gift Vouchers [Article]
  • Biotensegrity and Human Movement: The Importance of Closed Kinematic Chains [Article]
  • Frozen Shoulder: Stuck and Stubborn [Article]
  • The Power of Collaborations [Article]
  • Physical and Massage Therapy Journal Watch - January 2021 [Article]
  • Return to Competition Following Covid-19 [Article]

You can view all the articles in this issue at this link

4 New Gift Voucher Campaigns

  • Give the Gift of Massage
  • January Sales
  • Winter Blues
  • Valentine's Day

The new Gift Voucher Sales and Management System is a new, separate subscription to our core content subscriptions, but I've made it available to existing subscribers at a 50% discount.

It includes pre-written voucher sign up and payment pages which are fully editable, a choice of different gift certificate designs, a simple user-friendly voucher management system and some ready-to-post social media to help you promote your campaign on social media (which can also be posted to your social networks through the Co-Kinetic site).

Basically I've done as much as I possibly can for you and a voucher campaign should take no more than 30-60 minutes to set up from scratch.

The voucher system is fully international (in other words it works wherever you are based in the world). You create a Stripe account (accessible in most countries) and set your currency. This allows you to take credit or debit card payments from anywhere in the world. It also means the money comes straight into your bank account as soon as Stripe processes it.

Everything is super-simple to set up, you just follow along with my short video series which you can find at this link.

It's the perfect way to generate some much-needed cash, particularly during lockdown (and there's also a Lockdown Liberation Day campaign you can use if and when those of us in the UK at least, are released!).

Watch the video, learn more or purchase

Existing Content That's Hot Right Now

If you're in lockdown don't forget to make use of our nurturing and thoughtful Holistic Health resources which includes Patient Information Resources along with the two social media marketing campaigns (Full site version and Social Media version) - all three pieces of content have lots of helpful advice for you to share with your clients and your email list.

  • Your Guide to Alternative Therapies for Wellbeing [Advice Leaflet]
  • Breathing Exercises to De-Stress and Promote Relaxation [Advice Leaflet]
  • The Many Health Benefits of Yoga [Advice Leaflet]
  • Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Combat Low Mood [Advice Leaflet]
  • Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy [Advice Leaflet]
  • Eat Your Way to Wellness [Advice Leaflet]
  • Eating Your Way to a Strong Immune System [Advice Leaflet]
  • Wake Up, Shake Up and Get Your Energy Flowing [Advice Leaflet]
  • How Yoga Can Prepare You for a Great Night's Sleep [Advice Leaflet]
  • What is the Point of a Gratitude Journal?
  • A Printable Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude And Why it Matters [Advice Leaflet]
  • How to Recognise A Weakened Immune System [Advice Leaflet]
  • Meaningful Mindfulness [Advice Leaflet]
  • Sleep Better Live Better [Advice Leaflet]
  • Staying Positive and Sane When Times are Challenging [Advice Leaflet]
  • Stress Relief Through Massage [Advice Leaflet]

There are also the various Covid resources which I've grouped under a tag - so you can jump to them all using this link. This includes various Covid-specific articles for you as practitioners, as well as some additional resources for your clients and patients.

Hot Content Right Now

And lastly my resources on How to Monetise your Therapy Skills Online and Build New Covid-Resistant Online Recurring Revenue Streams

This includes:

Register for my free webinar

Coming Up This Quarter

  • Positive Pregnancy Patient Resources, Social Media Campaign and Full Site Content Marketing Campaign
  • Two for the Price of One/Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) Voucher Campaign
  • A reinvigorated Lockdown Liberation Day Voucher Campaign
  • Mother's Day Voucher Campaign
  • The April 2020 journal....

As the saying goes there's no peace for the wicked!

To all my UK subscribers, please stay safe and healthy and to my southern hemisphere friends, we envy you, enjoy your sunshine and Covid freedom!

And because I think we could all benefit from a bit of a laugh, here's my favourite card from my BIG birthday in December!

Very warm wishes


Credit: Awesomely produced by Rosie Made a Thing

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