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Newly Released Content and Technology 2022

Platinum Jubilee Voucher Campaign for Therapists

Because this is a one-off event, we've made this voucher campaign purchaseable by anyone as we want as many therapists as possible to be able to benefit from it.

  • Pre-built Voucher Purchase Page
  • Pre-written Customer Newsletter - announcing the voucher campaign
  • Promotional Poster and Postcard - editable through Canva
  • Ready-to-Post Social Media - to help you promote the campaign
  • A choice of 3 voucher templates
  • Automated Post-Purchase Email with Voucher PDF

Purchase the campaign here (if you don't have a Clinic Growth subscription)

April Co-Kinetic Journal

Access included under all subscriptions except the Patient Information one.

  • Journal Watch
  • Most Discussed Pieces of Research Infographics
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Is Cold Therapy Still Applicable Today
  • Upper Quadrant Assessment For Myofascial Dysfunction
  • Challenges to Physical Therapy Businesses in 2022

Access the journal here (subscription required)

Shockwave Therapy Patient Information Leaflets

Included in both the Patient Information and Clinical Education Subscribers (inc. SMA members)

  • 8 x client advice leaflets
  • 1 x customer newsletter

Shockwave Therapy: Social Media Campaign

Available to Social Media subscribers

  • 31 social media images and videos
  • 8 printable/downloadable/shareable client advice leaflets
  • 1 email lead collection page (hosted and taken care of for you)
  • 1 lead magnet delivery page (hosted and taken care of for you)
  • 1 x A4 customer newsletter

Shockwave Therapy: Content Marketing Campaign

Available to Clinic Growth subscribers

  • Everything in the Social Media campaign above PLUS
  • Blog Post
  • Nurture Email with Mailchimp Template
  • Education Workshop (Powerpoint Presentation) and Event Sign-Up Page
  • Canva Promotional Poster and Postcard Artwork
  • 'Wildcard' Web Page - allowing you to take sign-ups, redirect to other web pages, offer downloads, take single or recurring payments or create a membership group

Access the resources here (subscription required) >

Menopause Content Marketing Campaign

We released a social media campaign in the latter stages of 2021 and have now expanded this content to add the extra elements of a fully-featured content marketing campaign.

This new content includes:

  • Managing the Menopause – How to Survive and Thrive Through Changing Times (Blog Post)
  • How to Survive and Thrive During the Menopause (Nurture Email with 1-Click Mailchimp template)
  • Mastering the Menopause Education Workshop /Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
  • Mastering the Menopause Workshop Web Sign-Up Page
  • Menopause-Themed Wildcard Web Page – allowing you to take sign-ups, redirect to other web pages, offer downloads, take single or recurring payments or create a membership group
  • Menopause Campaign Promotional Artwork – Canva Templates

This content is now available to all Clinic Growth subscribers at the following link.

Don’t Run into Trouble Running Injury Campaign Updates

This is one of our most popular and enduring campaigns so we’ve added some additional features to help you run and promote running injury events.

The new content includes:

  • Editable Promotional Posters - Canva Template
  • Social Media Ad artwork – Canva Template
  • Downloadable Event Ticket – Canva Template
  • Postcard – Canva Template

You can find this content at the following link.

Mother’s Day Voucher Campaign

To be used with our inbuilt voucher sales and management tool, this campaign is designed to help you sell vouchers on Mother’s Day (funnily enough!).

It includes:

  • Pre-written voucher sign-up page
  • A choice of voucher templates
  • Ready-to-post social media to promote your campaign
  • A choice of 2 promotional posters

You can find the voucher campaign at the following link.

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