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These leaflets can help you WOW existing clients, WIN new clients and WOO back past clients :-)

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How to Rebrand a Leaflet in 4 Steps

  1. Upload your logo and fill out your company details in the My Account > Branding Details tab
  2. Navigate to the Brandable Content area and choose the piece of content you'd like to rebrand
  3. Click on the PDF in the Media Contents box (right hand side of a screen on a desktop/laptop or at the bottom of the article on a mobile device)
  4. When the pop-up appears, asking if you'd like to rebrand the content, click YES. This will generate a rebranded PDF in a new browser window which you can then print out or download and save to your computer.

I've put a test PDF in the Media Contents box of this article, so you can try it out, and still stay on this instructions page.

Just click the PDF link and see what happens.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

There's a bunch of short help posts, most with videos, giving all sorts of advice about fine-tuning your logo appearance and answering FAQs at the following link.

Please check here before you post a question on the chat tool, because you'll find most of the answers here.

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