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If you HAVE purchased it, then I'm very excited, because this is very cool, and you're going to love it.

These leaflets can help you WOW existing clients, WIN new clients and WOO back past clients :-)

What's not to like?

And here's a step-by-step video tutorial below showing you how to set it up.

How to Rebrand a Leaflet in 4 Steps

  1. Upload your logo and fill out your company details in the My Account > Branding Details tab
  2. Navigate to the Brandable Content area and choose the piece of content you'd like to rebrand
  3. Click on the PDF in the Media Contents box (right hand side of a screen on a desktop/laptop or at the bottom of the article on a mobile device)
  4. When the pop-up appears, asking if you'd like to rebrand the content, click YES. This will generate a rebranded PDF in a new browser window which you can then print out or download and save to your computer.

I've put a test PDF in the Media Contents box of this article, so you can try it out, and still stay on this instructions page.

Just click the PDF link and see what happens.

Quick Links to the Patient Resources

Some Tips for Making Your Banner Look Amazing

How to Get Rid of a Box or Shape Around Your Logo (ie. make the background transparent

This is super-easy and uses a free web-based tool accessible to everyone. (I love the internet :-))

And finally here are some fine-tuning details you might want to know about

Our system will use field lengths to automatically determine the best layout of your branded banner (these settings are fixed and can't be overridden).

If your Company Name and Website fields are each less than 32 characters in length (including spaces) and your company name fits on one line, it will look something like this:

If your Company Name and Website fields are less than 32 characters in length (inc. spaces) but your company name is longer than one line, it will look something like this:

If either your Company Name or Website Address is greater than 32 characters (inc. spaces) it will turn into 3 longer lines and one line will disappear.

By default, the line that disappears will be your email address.

If however, you would like to make sure your email address appears, you need to delete the content in one of the other fields, this can be done under the Branding Details tab in the My Account Details area.

If you leave one of the four featured fields blank, it will default to the three line format. However, if they are short lines, the text will move to the right, just to balance things out a bit. It will look more like this....


I'm not seeing a pop-up box asking me if I want to rebrand my logo

This probably means you've got pop-up boxes disabled on your web browser (ie. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). You need to re-enable pop-ups on your browser. Just do a search on Google for "enable pop ups on [insert name of browser]" and you should find some simple instructions you can follow.

What image format is best for my logo?

We need either a jpeg/jpg or a png file. If you try and upload any other file type you should get an error message, or it may redirect you back to the home page. If this happens, just log in again, but this time upload a jpg or png file and you should be fine.

My logo is massive and is badly aligned in the footer banner area

This probably means you've uploaded a file that's too big, and our system hasn't been able to resize or reformat it. Try using the free online image editing tool Lunapic. You can find resizing and converting to different file formats under the File menu. This is particularly useful if you have a .tiff file. Convert it to a jpg or png file and reduce the size to something close to 740 wide x 300px high.

What image size is best for my logo/I'm getting an aspect ratio error what do I do about it?

In terms of sizing - most of the time it doesn't really matter, our system will resize to fit. The optimal size is a 740px wide by 300px high logo.

If you have a square image, that's also fine too.

In most cases our system will be able to resize your logo perfectly for you, but occasionally an image will defeat our little bots and you may get one of the following things happening:

  1. Your logo will be over-cropped around the edges ie. part of the edge/s of the image will be cut off
  2. If you upload a really large image, it might only show a section of it

If this happens, here is a short video showing you how to fix it.

I want to have a colour banner but my logo appears with a white square around it - how do I get rid of it?

This means your image isn't transparent, and you have a background behind your logo (even if you can't see it). So you need to get rid of that background and make it transparent. That sounds hard, but I've found a super-cool, super-easy way of doing this in less than a minute using a free online picture editor called LunaPic.

However, if you really don't want to do it yourself, or the outcome isn't as good as you expected (and your original logo designer won't do it for you for free), then I would recommend using Fiverr (the graphic design outsourcing site to find someone who can do this for you cheaply).

Go to and search for 'transparent background' or click this link which is the search results for this process which is the search results I got, you'll see people who will do this for less than £5 so most probably a lot cheaper than your designer will (unless they do it for free!).

What can I do with this branded material?

Here's a quick fire list of 10 things you can do TODAY with this branded content (but you're only limited by your imagination):

  • Print the leaflets out (or have them professionally printed) and give them to existing clients
  • Print a range of different leaflets out and put them on literature displays like these in your waiting room
  • Send them by email to clients or...
  • Post them to clients you haven't seen in a while who you don't have email details for
  • Share them with local businesses who may have related (but non-competing) services or products (ideas include sport and fitness shops, health food shops, GP surgeries etc.)
  • If you have a local notice board in your newspaper shop or supermarket, pin some on there so people can take a copy
  • Distribute them at local events or meetings you attend
  • Organise a presentation or seminar (our marketing kits include off-the-shelf presentations) and hand them out as supplementary material
  • Find places where people stand and wait around, like train stations or pay-and-go coffee shops - remember if you can add value to the related business, they're likely to be happy to let you do this
  • Find a nearby gym or leisure centre which doesn't have a linked therapy service, and give them copies to distribute.

This is just the starting point, there is so much you can do with these leaflets. If you have ideas to share, drop them on the chat tool, I'd love to hear.

And lastly a couple of quick shortcuts

Happy rebranding. I'm really excited for you to start using this feature because the results are brilliant.

And if for any reason things aren't working as I've described, please don't delay, just jump on the blue chat tool and talk to us, and we'll help you get it sorted.

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