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How to Create a Simple Web Form to Collect Event Sign Ups

Why would I want to create a form?

If you're familiar with our marketing and business growth content, you'll know that the strategy is based on three levels.

  • The first level revolves around collecting new email leads ie. prospective clients
  • The second level focuses on nurturing relationships with these new leads, as well as existing email contacts
  • The third level, which is the most powerful activity in terms of growing your business, is based on delivering some sort of 'conversion' event to move them from being a prospect into a paying customer.

These conversion events tend to revolve around encouraging your contacts and email leads to visit you or your clinic for some sort of added-value, face to face event. This could be a free assessment, a 'taster' treatment session, an educational presentation or workshop - anything you feel comfortable delivering face to face with your prospective clients.

These events give you the opportunity to establish how you can help solve problems that your attendees may have. It's almost like an informal triage opportunity.

Ideally you would use the event to establish if you can help someone in the first place (or not), and if so, get a better understanding of how urgent their issue or problem is, or how much it's compromising their quality of life.

It is also any ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and authority and develop your relationship with these prospective customers.

Converting these attendees into paying clients is most effective when you can establish what their problem is likely to be, and show them how you can help them get back on track to achieving their aspirations.

In order to increase the chance of generating paying clients from these conversion events, we recommend putting together a single A4 page of offers relevant to the topic in question, with a significant incentive to sign up to something at the event itself (like a 25% discount for any purchases made on the day for example).

These offers could be:

  • A discounted assessment - musculoskeletal assessment, gait analysis, bike fit etc.
  • A special package of treatments or fitness sessions ie. ski fit, beach fit, pre-post event massage packages
  • If you sell equipment it could include an offer on a foam roller, or self-massage tool
  • Anything you can think of that's relevant to the event you're running.

Because these events are often very diverse and unique to an individual's skillset, it's very hard for us to put together sign up forms on your behalf, so we've put this guide together to help you create your own event sign up forms.

Form content

We provide images with each of our marketing kits that you can use as artwork on your forms, such as a banner at the top of your page. You can find these in the Promotional Material, under the theme of your choice:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Education/Presentation
  3. General Promotion

We try and keep the banners generic so that they work for whatever event you want to run, obviously people choose to do very different things so it's hard to be specific. Just find the banner that works best for you or of course you're free to create your own.

It's also a good idea to include contact details or a link back to your website in case people have questions. If you can include your logo on there, that's a good idea too.

Make sure your form page includes details about:

  • What the event is
  • What date it takes place
  • Where the event is being held
  • Details of what they need to wear, or bring with them if relevant
  • Any additional information about parking, or directions for getting to the event

Post-sign up information

The more information you can give people up front, the better so that they're not left wondering what to do next. It's a good idea to send a confirmation email if you can, confirming that you've received their sign up and perhaps confirming details about the event in that email.

We'd also recommend you email them nearer the time, perhaps 24 hours before the event to remind them of the benefits of attending the event. The more effort you put in to reminding them, the higher the attendance rate is likely to be. You can if you want, ask for a small deposit, particularly if you're very limited on numbers, which is refundable on the day or can be offset against any purchases made at the event. You could even double the deposit value if they purchase something on the evening. So if they paid a £5 deposit, you could give them £10 off against something over the value of £30 for example.

So here are some ideas on how you can quickly and easily, and at no cost, create simple sign up forms.

Google Forms

If you have a Google account ie. a gmail email address or you use Google documents, Google Forms is probably one of the simplest ways to create a web form and it's completely free. You can give people a link to the form or you can embed it on a page on your website if you'd prefer.

You can find Google Forms here. Click the word Help in the top right hand corner for help articles. Or click this list for a bunch of tutorials of varying lengths.


We used to use SurveyMonkey but Typeform has become my preferred survey tool now. It's also free for up to 10 questions and up to 100 responses a month. That said it's a survey tool as opposed to a form tool specifically, although it'll work for both.


Zoho produce all sorts of free or low cost software including a form tool. I've used Zoho in the past and still use it from time to time. You can find info about their form tool here.


Owned by SurveyMonkey but specifically designed for creating forms as opposed to surveys. There's a free plan also.


There is a free plan as long as you ask 10 questions or less. You can sign up here. Again it's a survey tool rather than a form tool per se.


This is my last suggestion because there doesn't seem to be a free plan so unless you're planning charging for your event or you don't mind paying, then this may or may not be for you. The good thing about it is that you can automate the follow up emails and reminders so it's worth a look.

Post-Sign Up Follow-Up

I know we covered this briefly above, but it is important so I thought I'd give you some ideas about how to manage this.

The easiest way is to connect your form with an email marketing tool like Mailchimp. There is this amazing website called Zapier and it basically lets you connect software together. I use it ALL the time, literally!

So once you've decided which form tool you want to use, you can use Zapier to send those new sign ups into Mailchimp, from where you can create an autoresponder sequence. It sounds complicated but it's actually not. You simply decide that you'll send them one email as soon as they've signed up, and then another on X date and a third on Y date (for example). You just write the emails, set the criteria of when each email should be sent and set it live, and Mailchimp will take care of everything for you.

Here's a video on setting up autoresponders in Mailchimp, I promise it's simple.

But if you really don't want to go that route then put a diary reminder in your calendar to email people regularly in the run up to the event to make sure still planning to attend and that they have all the details you need.

Happy Converting :-)