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How to Collect Email Addresses and Create Landing Pages [How to Guide]

Email Collection is Fundamental to any Marketing Strategy

Most marketing activities should have some sort of 'call to action' (CTA) and in many cases one of the easiest CTAs is to offer a useful piece of information or resource in exchange for a prospective client's email address or other type of contact details that can be useful to you.

Here's an example of a lead capture landing page we created for one of our Done For You Marketing clients.

Lead generation or lead capture as it’s also commonly known, should be a key purpose of your marketing activities. It's one of the best ways to be able to clearly demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) from your marketing.

It requires you to set up the ability to create a form which collects details such as a name and email address and in return deliver the incentive that you've offered in return (usually a downloadable resource).

These web pages are often called landing pages. They are the pages you send people to, from your social media posts (or other marketing promotions) in order to access the resources that you want to offer. The greater the value of the resource that you're offering, assuming your landing page visitor has the problem that it solves, the great the conversion rate, ie. the chance that they will complete the form and give you their email address.

Generally the more fields a landing page form has, the lower the conversion rate ie. the less people will complete it so try and keep these to a minimum unless you have something of huge value, and you want more information in return for it.

For the sorts of resources in our marketing kits, we’d suggest fields for just a first name and an email address are adequate.

Update with the launch of the Co-Kinetic platform

This is one of the more challenging and time-consuming areas of marketing, which was therefore often neglected or abandoned altogether and was a primary reason for developing the Co-Kinetic marketing platform the way we have. As a result, most pieces of content that you post from our website, through our marketing platform, include a unique link to a landing page or lead collection page which offers people a downloadable resource in exchange for some details (usually a first name and email address). The Co-Kinetic platform therefore does all this for you for Co-Kinetic content that you utilise.

This is how it works:

However, if you want to create your own landing pages, and you are comfortable with technology, then there are lots of tools out there to help.

Landing page software

We’ve used three landing page tools, LeadPages, Unbounce and Instapage (my current choice). They all charge for the lowest level service (between £25-30 a month generally for the basic package) but many offer a 30 day free trial. Personally I love how easy Instapage is to use, with its drag and drop editing, but LeadPages has also just introduced the same functionality and is also a very widely used landing page tool. Personally I find Unbounce a bit unnecessarily-complicated and that's a nerd speaking!

Pre-designed landing pages and lead capture for the Co-Kinetic Content Marketing Campaigns coming soon

As you'd expect, we try and do as much as we can to enable you to squeeze the very best out of our marketing kits so we provide you with the images and the text which you can use to create these landing pages, regardless of what software you use.

If you choose to use the same software (Instapage) that we use, we provide you with a template you can upload that's pre-designed. You just follow the instructions and then delete the instructions off the page and publish it.

However, we're very aware that this last, but arguably most important element, in your marketing activities is probably the most intimidating from a technology point of view so as we speak I'm developing the Co-Kinetic website to do this for you. You'll be able to schedule the social media posts to be published from within Co-Kinetic and each post will link back to a landing page that we've designed for you, and capture the leads on your behalf, and store them back in Co-Kinetic.

We've also integrated with Mailchimp so that these leads can be automatically transferred into any Mailchimp account you specify ready for you to nurture through your sales funnel.

We expect this new functionality to become available in October 2017. Watch this space :-)

Other landing page options

If you have a Wordpress website there are lots of plugins which allow you to add landing pages to your Wordpress site. I’ve included a link in the resources at the end of this section.

You can also link these tools to the more widely used email platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact so that new email leads are automatically added to your chosen email list.

Other methods of email collection

There are other ways of doing offering downloads without paying for the software. You could send them to a Mailchimp sign up form or embed one in your web page. Or you could use a very simple SurveyMonkey or Typeform survey page (all of these have free plans) but they don't like quite as professional and as the point of landing pages is to make it very targeted to your offer and really optimise conversions, the better and more professional the page looks in general, the higher the conversion rates.

You could also build a simple Google Form which leads into a Google Spreadsheet.

Another option might be to use the website Fiverr and commission someone to build a page for you, you can even specify which platform you would like the page created for (probably the easiest thing is to give them your login and let them create it for you under your account). To be safe, it’s worth changing your password after the work is completed. I just entered the word Instapage in the search box and sorted by Av. Customer Reviews and a whole bunch of people came up.

Or you could install pop-up software on your website such as SumoMe or OptinMonster. You can trigger these to generate pop up boxes off pretty much any activity on your website.

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