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How to add new users to a group/clinic/library account

To add or remove one or more users to a group account held on the website follow the steps below. We've covered adding one or two single users first and then if you scroll down the page we also explain how to use the Export template to export all your current users and replace them with a batch of new users (or add more users to the existing list).

Step 1: Log in and go to your Subscriptions area under the Account Administration panel

Step 2: Click the edit button for the subscription you want to add or remove users to

Step 3: Click the child accounts tab shown by the arrow below

To add a user fill in the fields in the bottom right hand corner for the user you want to add


To remove a user - click the Remove button next to the name of the user in question (we are currently adding a search field so you can search for a user if you have a long list to manage)

To upload a group of extra people using the Export Template (or overwrite your existing list with a new list of users) do the following

Click the Export Template link in the top right hand corner of the page

This will allow you to download a current list of all members in that subscription.

You then have a couple of choices:

  • You can either add a batch of new users to the end of the downloaded list, click Remove all Children from the subscription on the site, and upload the new list from scratch which will replace all the current users and replace them with the full user list in the CSV file to be uploaded OR
  • you can delete all the existing users on the downloaded spreadsheet (but keep the top header line) and add the data for the new batch of subscribers into the correct columns - this will simply add those extra users to the existing list

The most important thing to note is not to replace or change the column headers in any way from the downloaded template. Our system needs an exact match on the column headers to know which fields to import your data into. The column headers are for example FirstName, LastName Email etc.

If you have any queries or questions, please post them in the discussion area at the bottom of this article so that everyone can benefit from the answers to these queries.

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