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How Can I Access a Receipt for My Co-Kinetic Subscription?

Step 1: Click the Purchase History link in the My Account Panel

Step 2: Click the Download button next to the order you'd like the invoice for

Don't forget to claim your professional subscription expenses from your company expenditure to save tax and if you are based in the UK and VAT registered, make sure to claim the VAT portion back on your tax returns.

In the Purchase History section you will see a list of the orders against your account along with a VAT breakdown. Remember you can claim purchase you make at Co-Kinetic as a business expense regardless of whether you are self-employed or a Limited Company. If you are registered for VAT you can also reclaim the VAT portion from HMRC.

Why do we have to charge VAT on UK subscriptions?

The VAT rules for publishing are a little bit strange. Basically print publications (including our print journal) are rated at 0% VAT so we don't have to charge VAT against it, however digital subscriptions (regardless of the fact that we are publishing much of the same content that we are in the print journal) DOES incur a VAT charge. This is why you will see a 20% charge against purely digital subscriptions or a 10%-15% VAT charge against a subscription which includes the print journal as part of that subscription.

VAT is not charged on subscriptions outside the UK.