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A Pain in the Heel: Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists [Marketing Kit]

Run both a social media and local campaign around the topic of Heel Pain using our ready-made content marketing kit. Pick and choose the resources you want to use. The campaign is designed to help you offer existing and prospective clients useful information about heel pain, build the 'Know, Like, Trust factor' and raise awareness of the services you can provide for someone who is experiencing heel pain.

It includes:

  • Email material - pre-written (editable) text for an email with accompanying images
  • Content for your website - pre-written (editable) website article/blog post along with accompanying images
  • Posters for display in your work area as well as that of other businesses/parters
  • Leaflets and postcards you can use for a postal campaign
  • Social media material including images and text
  • A downloadable PDF Patient Information Handout you can use for lead capture.

The promotional material comes in two themes, one designed for the general population and the other for the sporting population. Register free for more information and to view the different themes.

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