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Part 1: How to Set Up and Use the Co-Kinetic Marketing System and Where to Find Your Marketing Content [Article]


This article takes you through the step-by-step set up of the Co-Kinetic Marketing System. It's quite an usual system because it's is a full-service solution. Not only do you get the technology and platform to run marketing campaigns through, but I also provide the content.

Or vice versa, not only do I provide the content, but I also provide the means to make that content work for you and your business in terms of technology.

So first things first....

Stage 1: Setting Up The System ie. the technology

Don't worry if you're not in the least bit techie, I promise you, anyone can set this up. All you need to do is follow along with the videos.

The following video playlist consists of a series of short videos telling you how to set up each part of the system. Start with Video 1 and work your way through (it's organised in a specific order).

It shouldn't take much more than 2-3 hours to get set up, depending on how comfortable you are with technology, but you can do it video by video over whatever time period works for you.

Click here for the 'Getting Started' videos

Additional Help Posts for Getting Set Up

Stage 2: The Marketing Content We Provide

As you probably know by now, the strategy we advocate (and build our content to support) works on three levels and is summarised as follows:

  1. Collecting new email leads using your social networks (and blog), in combination with lead collection forms, to grow your prospective customer email list
  2. Nurturing these new leads, as well as your existing email contacts through a regular nurture email (that we write for you)
  3. Offering a 'try before you buy' conversion event to turn prospects into paying clients (this is optional depending on your hunger for new clients).

EVERYONE (without exception) should be doing levels 1 and 2.

And using our system this should take you no more than 10-15 minutes a month. If you're hungry for new business, then level 3 is where the magic happens.

If just started with your new Co-Kinetic subscription, I'd recommend getting started with level 1 (lead collection through social media) and level 2 (nurturing those leads using our pre-written emails).

Level 3 can be actioned when you really want to drive revenue and when you're confident with what you're doing.

Because I'm a visual and highly practical type of person, I put together a Marketing Blueprint which shows you how each part of the content we create for you, fits together as the bigger picture strategy.

It acts as a decision flow chart, leading you through the process with questions, which you can use to get comfortable with the strategy. It's like a mini-marketing adventure :-)

It has interactive pop up videos where relevant, along with pop ups which explain more about the content we create at each level, and what to do with it. You'll also find quick links to all our help videos and a bunch of useful strategy resources. Once you've done the set up process outlined above, this guide will be invaluable at keeping you on track.

You can find the blueprint at this link.

Where Do I Get Started with the Content?

We produce a marketing campaign on different topic every month. Each campaign consists of the following:

  1. Social media (images and videos) and email collection pages (our system takes care of everything from posting the social media to your social networks, to collecting your new leads)
  2. Lead magnets' - highly desirable pieces of content which attract people to enter their details on your email collection forms, which we promote through the social media
  3. Nurture email - a one-click import Mailchimp template if you use Mailchimp, or text and images for you to create your email in another email system - you should one to your email list every month
  4. A customer newsletter - you can print out and distribute locally. Add our branding upgrade and you can add your branding and contact details to the bottom of each one
  5. Promotional material (leaflets, postcards and posters) - you have have printed out to display in front of your clinic or distribute to clients you don't have email addresses for
  6. An off-the-shelf customisable PowerPoint presentation you can use to run conversion events like evening seminars or presentations.

All the content we create, focuses on being educational. The goal is to provide value to your readers, and build reputation and authority while at the same time avoiding coming across as being salesy in any way.

It's a marketing technique called content or education-based marketing and this is how it works.

Then you need to know where to find the marketing content

There are two sections to every campaign

  1. The social media posts, email collection page and lead magnet - located under the (Campaigns section)
  2. The rest of the campaign content which is the real engine room of the campaign which can be found under Marketing Kits for Therapists

Let's do the sexy bit first because that's what everyone always wants to know about!

Section 1: The social media posts, email lead collection form and lead magnet

This can be found under the My Account Panel > Campaigns.

Section 2: All the other content which provides the main structure to each campaign can be found here

This is where you will find all the other content that we produce as part of each individual campaign. This includes all the posters, leaflets, PowerPoint presentations, resized social media content for other social networks, videos for upload to your website and much more.

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And if you get stuck then please just click the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner and ask us a question. We're here to help get you up and running.

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