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From Therapy Student to Clinical Practitioner: Therapist Essentials to Staying Legal [Group of articles]

In this section "Therapist Essentials to Staying Legal" we offer some tips on key areas to help keep you on the right side of the law. This module covers staying up to date with your CPD requirements, understanding the relevance of evidence-based practice in the treatment of your clients, legal requirements to practice as a therapist and the importance of keeping good patient notes. This is the third section of our content module "From Therapy Student to Clinical Practitioner" which covers essential topics on making the transition from a therapy student to a fully-fledged therapy practitioner. Every article is printable and downloadable.

It includes the following articles:

  • What is evidenced based practice? And why should we apply it?
  • SOAP notes
  • Don’t be afraid of CPD
  • Prove It: Evidencing your CPD - part 1
  • Prove It: Evidencing your CPD - part 2
  • A short guide to literature searching to maintain currency in your field
  • Are you legal? Health and safety in sports therapy
  • Towards a conceptual model of clinical reasoning development in an undergraduate sports rehabilitation curriculum