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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Using the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform

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FAQs about using the Marketing Content and Platform

Can I edit the text in a social media post?

At this stage, no. It's not possible to edit the social media posts within the Co-Kinetic system. Our top priority was on saving you time which is why they are pre-written. But it will be something we will explore in the future as usage of the platform grows.

But don't worry, if there's a post you don't like and don't want to run, you can deactivate it and it won't post. If you find any typos though, please let us know and we'll fix them straight away :-)

Can I add my own social media posts independently of Co-Kinetic's content through the Co-Kinetic site?

No, is not currently possible in this first release but again it may be something we will look to add in the future. Again it comes down to speed and technical ability, we wanted everyone, regardless of your technical skills to be able to use our content to generate new customer leads, and that's the primary goal at this stage.

What order do the social media posts go out and can I change this?

The posts go out in the same order that they appear in the Campaign Media tab. The posts at the top of the page will go out first and the posts at the bottom will bring up the rear.

They have been organised in a specific order to tell a story usually following this widely-known story-telling format: 1. Pain, Problem, Person 2. Amplify/Agitate 3. Solve 4. Transformational/Aspirational

As a general rule, the best posts appear at the end of the campaign. Each campaign builds in energy, starting relatively gently and closing with the really good stuff.

Remember if your start and end dates and posting frequency means the campaign ends before all the posts have had time to run, those last posts won't be published. So make sure to calculate this properly. If the posts all run and the campaign hasn't ended, it will cycle back to the beginning again.

Can I choose whether I post to my page or my profile?

Yes you can. Under the Integrations section, on the Connect Your Social Networks tab, if you log in to Facebook with account details that have permission to post to a page, you will see the option to change the Post location using a dropdown menu. It defaults to posting to your profile, but you can choose to post to any page you have posting rights for. You can find more help on this topic here.

My Facebook page isn't showing in the Posting location dropdown menu in Co-Kinetic

The first thing to do is go to the Integrations section and the Connect Your Social Networks tab and just click the Disconnect Facebook button. Then click it again to reconnect (if you're already logged into Facebook in another browser window, it will automatically reconnect with that Facebook account (so just make sure it's the one with Admin access)). This is very likely to fix the issue of your page not appearing.

If that doesn't work, it's likely that the Facebook account you're logging into from Co-Kinetic, may not have admin access to your page which it needs to in order to post to it from within our system. I've written a more detailed help post here.

My posts are appearing twice on Facebook or Twitter, how do I stop this?

This is usually because you have Twitter connected to Facebook (or vice versa) which means that whatever is posted on one network, is automatically crossposted to the other social network as well. There are two possible solutions to this issue.

  1. You can either disconnect the connection between the two networks ie. Twitter and Facebook - if you Google "disconnect Twitter from Facebook" or vice versa you'll find instructions on how to do this. But if you don't want to disconnect the two networks, try option 2.
  2. In the Integrations section Log out from one of the networks on Co-Kinetic, so then we won't post to that network and you can allow the cross posting between networks to take over. So if you have Twitter set to post messages to Facebook then log out from Facebook under Integrations. If you have the networks set up where Facebook posts to Twitter then log out from Twitter on Co-Kinetic.

What if I want to post Co-Kinetic content to additional social networks?

We provide LinkedIn and Instagram optimised images in the main article which you can download and post manually if you'd like to.

What if I use a different marketing email programme and not Mailchimp?

No problem. You can export all the leads collected by our system in a CSV file (Excel or Apple Numbers format). Just go into the Leads tab for each campaign download the csv file and import this into the email programme you use.

Can I change the times that the posts are being sent out?

We have selected optimal times for our industry and at this point the times are fixed. We will be looking to add more scheduling flexibility as the platform becomes more utilised. Also at this time the times are fixed on Greenwich Meantime however as soon as the platform is live we will be adding the ability for you to set your time zone so that these schedules run internationally at appropriate times.

When does a campaign end exactly?

Posts will stop being posted at 11.59pm on the day of the end date.

Can I run more than one campaign at a time?

Absolutely, and in fact I would highly recommend you do as it will keep the topics on your social networks even more varied! One option is to run the new monthly campaign all the way through over a relatively short period of time and once it's run through, change the post frequency and extend the end date so that it continues to run perhaps once or twice a week (or even a month) over a much longer period of time. As the campaign will continue cycling through the posts in the order they appear in the Campaign Media tab, these could take months for the full cycle to run through, meaning people are very unlikely to notice any repetition and your social networks continue to be more and more varied, with the more campaigns we set live. :-)

Can other members of my team log in?

Currently the system only supports personal subscriptions for the marketing platform because each account can only be linked to a single social network account. So there is only one login for Twitter and one for Facebook. So as long as everyone is posting to the same social network accounts it works fine, you would just need to give them your login details to Co-Kinetic. We may well add multi-person accounts further down the line if this becomes a widely requested feature.

Why can't I see the old content marketing campaigns under the new platform area/why are there only a few campaigns currently available?

We've significantly upgraded the quality and range and artistic style of the more recent content campaigns so our top priority was to make sure that these were loaded onto the platform first. However, we will be upgrading those older kits (rugby, running, cycling, golf) over the next couple of months, to include all the new features like more varied types of content, more visually interesting graphics, the animated explainer videos etc. So please bear with us, we're going as fast as our small team can.