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Our most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Your Co-Kinetic questions answered

What is Co-Kinetic?

It’s a website accompanied by a print journal that features articles, videos, podcasts and other interactive content aimed at keeping you up to date with current practice and helping you grow your business.

What topics do you cover?

Our main content areas are Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. We have also just introduced a new Career and Business Development section, which we’ve called The Entrepeneur Therapist, to help practitioners build their therapy businesses. To see the full range of topics we cover simply click here.

Who reads Co-Kinetic?

Our readers are mainly physical and manual therapists.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

We help you:

  • Bring in new customers
  • Sell more appointments
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Provide a better service
  • Stay on top of clinical developments
  • Keep up to date with your industry
  • Achieve your professional development requirements

How does a subscription work?

Most of our subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis. Prices range from £2.10 per month up to £48.50 per month for the “full Monty” Full Site subscription with print. The purchasing options are very flexible to allow you to choose just the categories of content that you will find useful, however the Full Site subscription is significantly discounted so most people opt for this. The choice is completely yours. You can see the subscription prices and categories available at the following link.

If I've subscribed using a discount code, how long does the discount last for?

Our discount codes are “forever” codes. So once it’s applied, it lasts forever (or until your subscription lapses). It also protects you from any future price raises.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. We bill monthly so you can cancel your subscription through the website at any time, or you can ask us to do it for you by phoning, emailing or using the live Chat tool on our website.

How do I cancel a subscription

Just log into the website and under your Account Administration panel, click the word Subscriptions. You'll see a cancel button to the right of your subscriptions, click that. Please note that currently we're unable to refund for any part of the unused portion of the subscription and access to the content will be effective immediately so it's a good idea to wait to cancel until just before your subscription renews.

Can I change the subscription I’m on?

Yes. Because we bill monthly, it’s easy to swop to another subscription. We’ll refund you for the amount that was left over on the old subscription.

Can I pay annually if I want to or by direct debit instead of debit/credit card??

Yes. Email and she’ll send you a link that will allow you to do this. Plus we give you an extra 10% discount if you decide to pay annually instead of monthly.

Can I purchase just the print journal without the online content?

Yes you can. Just click the following link: “Print-only subscription to the Co-Kinetic Journal”. We publish the print journal every three months in January, April, July and October.

Do you post the journal overseas?

Yes we do. We charge just £6 postage per year to post the journal anywhere in the world (that's just £1.50 per issue).

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do. And it’s a great way to read the journal so if you have a Full Site subscription, I’d definitely recommend downloading it. Your login is the same as for Co-Kinetic website. Download the app here.

Can I access the content on my mobile device?

You can indeed. The website is fully optimised for mobile and works really well whether you’re on a tablet or mobile device. You can even do the CPD quizzes on your mobile device.

What if I don’t want to subscribe right now but would like to see more content?

No problem. Just register for a free account by clicking here, you will find plenty of free articles, videos, and some of our new LEAN Therapist business development content.

Can I sign up now?

Of course, simply choose the subscription that's right for you.

Purchase Full Site Subscription (including print journal) - £48.50 per month

Purchase Full Site Subscription (no print journal) - £47.40 per month

For other subscription options click here:

View subscription options

What’s the difference between Co-Kinetic and sportEX?

We started life in 1999 publishing a journal called sportEX medicine which was exclusively sports medicine related. We then launched a publication in 2004 called sportEX dynamics which included all our massage therapy content. In Oct 2015 we merged the two print journals into one bigger journal and rebranded from sportEX to Co-Kinetic at the same time to coincide with the launch of our new website at