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Facebook Ad Case Study 1: Free Gait Assessment Promotion


I decided to put the Don't Run into Trouble Content Marketing Campaign to the test and see how many new leads I could generate for one of my marketing clients using the Free Gait Assessment as our promotional offering for this particular campaign.

This is a work in progress. I will update the spreadsheet and this document, on an ongoing basis until we've completed the case study.

At the bottom of the article I've also included a downloadable swipe file which contains all the images, ad copy, headlines, and specific details of each ad, with their individual results.

As a brief summary, each content marketing campaign that we publish for our subscribers on the Co-Kinetic website has three levels of activity that form one complete marketing strategy.

Level 1

Generation of new email leads using the social media content we create in each kit along with the lead collection form, the lead magnet (which we send to the new leads) and the collection of the data itself. Every time someone enters their details in the form at the end of the social media post, they will be sent the piece of content they signed up to receive and their details will be saved in your Co-Kinetic account (or sent to Mailchimp if you connect it).

If you want to understand more about our business growth content click here.

Level 2

Nurture of these new leads and your existing email database, using the nurture emails we create and write for you. Depending on which email you choose to use, you can offer them the opportunity to move to level 3 below.

Level 3

The 'face to face' opportunity which falls 2 themes:

  • Educational seminar
  • Free assessment/treatment

In the case of this case study, we chose to offer a free gait assessment. Next month we'll run an educational seminar offer and see how the results compare.

The case study so far...

Clare Carrick, owner of the Back in Motion clinics in and around Norfolk, agreed to let me run a Facebook ad campaign to see how many free gait assessment bookings we could generate using paid Facebook ads, and then track how these converted into paid appointments and/or sales of other items like orthotics etc.

Clare has a strong moral compass, and an unquenchable desire to learn and improve everything she does which makes her a great collaborator for a project like this. She also tracks everything that she does, from who comes through the door, via what route, even how many times she needs to call them to get them there, and what happens to them after the initial assessment, so there will be a lot more detail to come and we will also present the full results of this case study at COPA in May.

However, I can share with you the preliminary results from the ads that we've run to date.

You can find the detailed results of all lead generation activities (organic ie. unpaid, and paid) to date at this link which takes you to a Google spreadsheet.

Clare was running the campaign on her Facebook page in an unpaid capacity but we haven't tracked this, at this stage. We've jumped specifically to level 3 as this is the level that generates revenue and we wanted to test real return on investment in this first case study.


So far we've run two paid Facebook adverts and posted on organic (unpaid) Facebook Page post. Because Clare didn't have the Facebook Pixel installed (which allows us to track and target visitors to her website who are also Facebook users) we had to start with a basically cold audience (ie. they had no prior knowledge of Back in Motion).

Phase 1

I ran the first campaign from the 3-6th March (Sat-Mon inclusive) and we generated 11 sign ups at a cost of £135. As mentioned, the audience was cold. And I targeted people living within an 18 mile radius around Norwich with a specific interest in running. The cost per lead was £12.27. We had 74 engagements including 14 page likes, making the cost per engagement £1.83.

Phase 2

I ran the second campaign the following weekend 11-13th March (Sat-Mon again) but this time widened the audience to anyone interested in physical fitness and I changed the ad slightly so that the focus wasn't specifically on the London Marathon, which the previous ad copy had been, and made it more general around the role of gait assessment in helping identify causes of foot/ankle, knee, hip, back pain. This time we generated 18 sign ups for just under £50 giving us a per sign up cost of £2.76

  • On the 11th March, Clare also posted an organic post on the Back to Motion Facebook page which collected a further 6 sign ups.

Phase 3

On Sunday 18th March I ran two ads for 24 hours ONLY. The first one was the same ad that I used in Phase 2 but this time I didn't target any specific audience interests in the Facebook ad audience targeting - it was a completely general population - which arguably would be not a very interested audience. All I stipulated was that they fell into the ages of 35-60 and lived within 30km of Norwich (Clare's catchment area).

The second ad was targeted at people with an interest in physical activity (as per Phase 2) but I used a Benefits of Gait Analysis Explainer video that comes with the Don't Run into Trouble Marketing Kit (this is not currently included in the swipe file) below.

We collected a further 14 gait assessment sign ups (6 and 7 per ad respectively). The average cost per sign up was £3.13.


So in total, to date (20th March), we've collected 51 gait assessment sign ups at a total cost of £228, which gives us an average lead sign up cost of £4.48.

When I last spoke to Clare she'd seen 5 of the sign ups and one of her colleagues had seen another 3. Of her 5, two booked initial assessments and one bought some orthotics. So of her 5 attendees, she has a 60% conversion rate into some sort of paid situation, but obviously these are still early days.

Conversion rates do tend to be significantly higher with one-to-one meetings. One customer of mine routinely converts 80% of people attending his free injury clinics, into paying customers which is why we recommend it so highly as part of this marketing strategy.

In addition his data has revealed that if he does his job well, and turns that customer into a fan, they will recommend him to a further 3 people, within a 3 month period. If we do the numbers quickly 1x3=3, 3x3=9, 9x3=27, 27x3=81 - and you could build your business quickly and extremely cost-effectively. All it requires you to do is to concentrate on two things 1) follow a marketing strategy that works and 2) do everything you can to turn those customers into raving fans so you build up those referrals and fast.

Clare was prepared with three or four potential offerings depending on each customer's needs but as all the ad content referred to injury niggles, all the respondents had a high probability that they would have some potential issue that required a solution. In addition to the obvious potential treatment needs, Clare also has the ability to offer custom-orthotics and she was also offering a deal on pre- or post-run massages (10 for the price of 9). It goes without saying that this is not an opportunity to recommend promote inappropriate treatment programmes, it's about seeing if there is a genuine opportunity to provide a solution to the client's pain, which then enables them to be to do the things they want to be able to do.

Next steps

This coming weekend, if I haven't turned Clare into an over-worked nervous wreck, I'm planning on sending a nurture email to her existing email database offering them a free assessment and see what the take up is there.

Next month I'm working with a different clinic who is also one of my customers, to run an education session around cycling.

The joy of the three level marketing strategy is that you can do any of it, in any order. All I would say is that you can stick a few pieces of social media on your Facebook page (without paying to promote them) and expect it to change your business. Because it won't.


What this experiment does demonstrate, even at this early stage, is that you can get a highly targeted, group of prospective new clients through your doors with very little effort and without much cost. I know everyone likes to think that social media should come free but if you can get people through your door for as little as £3 a go, and convert a number of those into customers who go through an average treatment package of worth £300, that's a whopping ROI!

And since when were you able to put an ad in a local newspaper and expect not to have to pay for it, let alone get any guaranteed results from it? Facebook ads is a business building opportunity like we've NEVER seen before.

To stick to the practical...

I've put together a 'swipe file' (a folder) containing the exact copy text, headlines, ad specifications and the images that I've used for the two ads that I've run to date. So if you wanted to, you could start running these ads straight away (Sunday/Monday seems to be a really good lead collection day at least for this promotion - I'm guessing because everyone's been out on runs and cycles over the weekend!).

I used a native Facebook lead ad (you can learn more about these here if you don't know what they are). The reason I did this was because not only does Facebook populate the fields with the individual Facebook user's details automatically, which makes it incredibly easy for them to sign up, but it also meant that I didn't need to create a stand-alone lead collection page to collect the Gait Assessment sign ups. (Although as a result of this test, I'm am going to create one as part of our marketing content because I think it helps to give the customer's more information up front than a lead ad allows).

Interestingly every single sign up we got both from the Facebook ads, and the organic page post (which I did create a landing page for), came from mobile devices! Big learning point there, around making sure everything is mobile friendly.

As we get more and more results, I will keep adding to this article, if you download the swipe file, I'll make sure to keep you updated with the significant additions in data, otherwise just check back periodically.

The all important swipe file

You can download the swipe file below. It's yours to copy/adapt and make work for you.

The goal with our marketing content, is to rid you of ever having to be worried about not having enough business or clients so I'm really excited to be able to share this case study with you, even at this early stage.

We'll be adding much greater detail on return on investment and other stats around uptake and conversions as the experiment progresses.