Sportex Time-saving marketing resources for physical & manual therapists

ePALs - electronic public advice leaflets

A perfect resource for health professionals like physical therapists, workplace health professionals, physical activity promoters, fitness professionals working with members of the public.

This purchase includes access via both the website (on desktops and laptop computers (Flash format)) as well as through our mobile app which is downloadable from the Apple and Android (Google) app stores (including Kindle Fire).

  • Online and mobile access included
  • Print from any computer/printer
  • Unlimited print-outs and emails to clients
  • 60+ leaflets and increasing
  • Includes three ranges: medical conditions and PA; injury rehabilitation; sports first aid
  • Recommended in several NHS resources
  • Endorsed by medical charities
  • Peer-reviewed every year
  • Evidence-based
  • Meets Plain English patient information standards

Please note that this is an online product and a one-off purchase (there is no recurring payment required). Once purchased it is also available through our mobile app. Just download the Co-Kinetic Journal app from the Apple app store or Google Marketplace and log in using the same login details that you use for the Co-Kinetic website. Click here to download our app.

Our Co-Kinetic patient advice leaflets are written and reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of medical and fitness professionals. Every leaflet is peer-reviewed at the very minimum by a professional in each of the following disciplines: physical therapy, manual therapy and exercise/fitness. Where appropriate we may also ask a recognised national charity to review and approve the content.

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