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December 2020 Update - Christmas social media, Holistic Health Marketing Campaign and new Voucher System Launched


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Where do you start?

If you want to make some money and boost your cashflow - jump to the Christmas Gift Voucher Campaign section here

If you want some Festive Social Media to post to your social networks jump to this section

If you're not in the mood for Christmas yet and you just want some patient-caring content to help people through this challenging time, check out the new Holistic Health campaign (read on below) which includes new content under all subscriptions.

New Content

Because of what we've all been through in 2020, we decided to make this year's Christmas campaign more thoughtful and sensitive to people's mental and physical health, which is why we've gone with the theme of Holistic Wellbeing. We also made the choice not to cover it in festive decorations because...

...For those wanting something more traditional and more festive we have two further campaigns as well as patient resources, available for you to use (scroll down the page for more info).

1. Holistic Wellbeing Leaflets - available to ALL subscribers

16 New Advice Leaflets and Exercise Handouts (Downloadable/Printable/Rebrandable) on Holistic Wellbeing including

  • Your Guide to Alternative Therapies for Wellbeing [Advice Leaflet]
  • Breathing Exercises to De-Stress and Promote Relaxation [Advice Leaflet]
  • The Many Health Benefits of Yoga [Advice Leaflet]
  • Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Combat Low Mood [Advice Leaflet]
  • Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy [Advice Leaflet]
  • Eat Your Way to Wellness [Advice Leaflet]
  • Eating Your Way to a Strong Immune System [Advice Leaflet]
  • Wake Up, Shake Up and Get Your Energy Flowing [Advice Leaflet]
  • How Yoga Can Prepare You for a Great Night's Sleep [Advice Leaflet]
  • Gratitude And Why it Matters [Advice Leaflet]
  • A Printable Gratitude Journal
  • How to Recognise A Weakened Immune System [Advice Leaflet]
  • Meaningful Mindfulness [Advice Leaflet]
  • Sleep Better Live Better [Advice Leaflet]
  • Staying Positive and Sane When Times are Challenging [Advice Leaflet]
  • Stress Relief Through Massage [Advice Leaflet]

You can find your new content at this link.

2. Holistic Wellbeing Social Media - under the Social Media Subscription

Everything in the Patient Leaflet subscription above PLUS...

  • 30 unique and originally-designed social media posts you can use to increase engagement on your social networks, build followers AND collect new email leads through your social networks using our inbuilt email lead collection pages and offers of high-value downloads
  • 1 hosted email lead collection page
  • 1 hosted lead magnet delivery page
  • 1 x A4 newsletter (great to print out (or have professionally printed) and circulate to your clients and in your local area)
  • A ready-made autoresponder email who is sent to everyone signing up to your resources

You can find your new (and existing) content at this link.

3. Holistic Wellbeing Marketing Campaign - under the Full Site Subscription

Everything in both the Patient Leaflet and Social Media subscriptions above PLUS...

  • 12 additional premium social media infographics and animations
  • A pre-written blog post with images ready for you to publish on your website or blog
  • A pre-written nurture email (text and images supplied)
  • A 1-click importable Mailchimp template - text already written for you
  • A PowerPoint presentation you can use to run short evening or lunch seminars, or online webinars to increase your profile locally
  • A pre-written webinar/event sign up page allowing you to take sign ups, deliver the webinar and offer purchasable upsells

You can find your new (and existing) at this link.

4. Some Fun Christmas Posters for Your Clinic

These posters are available to EVERYONE with a subscription. You can find them here.

New Features on the Co-Kinetic Platform

Launch of Brand New Voucher Sales and Management System

What is it?

An upgrade (or standalone) subscription which gives you the ability to sell and manage vouchers and coupons using Co-Kinetic's ready-to-go voucher sign up pages, integrated payment processing, branded vouchers, and super-simple voucher redemption system, along with ready-made social media promotions to help you to promote your campaigns and drive new sales.

What does it include?

  • We build both themed campaigns for a specific event eg. a Christmas Gift Voucher campaign, Give the Gift of Massage campaign etc. as well as provide you with blank templates you can adapt to your own needs
  • Voucher sign up pages (fully editable for each campaign)
  • Inbuilt payment processing using your own Stripe account
  • Downloadable/printable, branded voucher certificates with your own voucher details
  • Automatic email sent to customer with unique voucher code (copy sent to you also)
  • Voucher management area which allows you to easily manage both full and in-part voucher redemptions
  • Ability to manage refunds
  • Ability to set voucher window - with fun 'too early', 'too late' screens if people visit outside the pages outside your voucher campaign window
  • CSV exports of all orders for import into any external systems you use

In the upcoming months, we will be adding new campaigns regularly including Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays, Thanksgiving and any other reason we can find to help you generate new revenue through gift vouchers and voucher promotions!

In addition, there are also blank template campaigns which you can use to create your own voucher campaigns around significant dates in your calendar like your birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary of the opening of your clinic, even your favourite pet's birthday if you want!

What can I do with it this month?

There is a pre-built Christmas Gift Voucher campaign designed to encourage people to purchase treatments and massages from you. It features pre-written, pre-built and hosted voucher sign up pages allowing you to sell vouchers and manage the redemptions. It includes 20 ready-to-go social media posts to help you promote your voucher offer.

How do I get it?

  • It's available as a standalone subscription at £23.99 (you don't need any other existing subscription to use it)
  • Current subscribers can sign up at a 50% discount for £11.99 - click the button below and log in to your existing account where you will be able to view the discounted price purchase button

For more information or to purchase click here

You can watch the 2 Minute Overview Video of the Gift Voucher System by clicking the video below

Festive Social Media and Client Resources

We have two Christmas campaigns with loads of festive content:

Christmas Campaign 1 - Festive Follies

A light-hearted look at the excesses of Christmas with advice on how to mitigate these and stay healthy over the festive season (on this occasion, the same campaign is available to both Social Media and Full Site subscribers).

Check out some highlights in the video below.

Christmas Campaign 2 - Happy Holidays, Or Is It?

This is actually an excellent campaign for our current situation. It includes lots of helpful information about staying sane, looking after your health, taking time out for yourself at a time which can be difficult for many people, even in normal circumstances.

Depending on which subscription you have, you can find out more at the following links:

Check out some highlights in the video below.

Christmas Gift Voucher Campaign

Quite simply a pre-built gift voucher campaign to help you sell gift vouchers at Christmas :-) And several of my subscribers are using this very successfully as we speak, selling on average £400 worth of vouchers each.

We have created for you:

  • A voucher sign-up page (with pre-written copy that's fully editable)
  • The choice of 6 voucher certificate designs
  • 20+ pieces of pre-written social media that can be simply scheduled to post to your social networks within Co-Kinetic

Click the video image below to see some of the social media highlights:

How Do I Start Selling Gift Vouchers Today?

Easy, all you need to do is sign up to this bolt-on subscription. It's available to new subscribers for just £23.99 a month and to existing subscribers at £11.99 a month (just log in to your account and visit the link below).

You can purchase it at this link.

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