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Creating Email Campaigns [How to Guide]

Before creating your email marketing campaign....

Decide what your campaign is all about. Is it a 'nurture' email which just includes some helpful advice which will solve certain common problems your prospective customers may be facing, or is it a 'sales' driven campaign which contains an offer?

Most of our Marketing Campaign Kits include text and images for blog posts and email newsletters (where appropriate) for nurture-driven emails.

If the email is a 'nurture' email ie. one which contains useful value-added content without a specific sales pitch, we suggest you give them an overview in the email and then publish the full article on your website to which you give them a link. This increases visitors to your website and the content will help boost your search engine optimisation.

It's worth including in the email a suggestion to forward the email to their friends if they know someone who can benefit from it. If you don't want to lead people back to your website then you can just attach the full newsletter to the email and leave it at that.

A Step by Step Guide on Creating your Email

Before you create your email newsletter you need to have an email marketing service or platform through which you can send your emails.

If your list of contacts is less than 2000, Mailchimp (which is our platform of choice) allows you to use their platform completely free of charge to send up to 12,000 emails a month.

If you don't already use a dedicated email platform like Mailchimp, the article at the following link gives step by step advice on how to extract your contacts from a whole range of common email applications into a spreadsheet so you can import them into your dedicated email marketing platform like Mailchimp. Just click on the email application that you use ie. Gmail or Outlook etc. and the screen will expand with the step by step instructions.

Mailchimp has loads of helpful guides on Getting Started with MailChimp.

Alternatively if you use Gmail and don't need to email more than 50-200 people, there are several add ons that let you do mail merges from a spreadsheet of customers that you have email addresses for. This is one add on which I haven't used, and this is another that I have used and found very easy and straightforward.

Once you've decided on your email platform you're ready to create your email.

  • If you're using Mailchimp as your email marketing platform you can simply click the Mailchimp Template link (see this video) and log into your Mailchimp account and just follow the instructions in the email
  • If you're using another platform just copy the Email text out of the word file we provide and paste it in the body of your new email. You can also use the images we supply to brighten the email up and add some visual interest.