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How to Use The Co-Kinetic Marketing Content by Content Type [How to Guide]

What Can Our Marketing Platform and Content Do For YOU?

It can help you:

  1. Grow your numbers of social network followers, keep your social networks fresh, increase engagement on your social networks and build your reputation and brand online
  2. Collect new leads and grow your customer email list using our marketing platform to post the social media we provide, to your own social networks
  3. Develop stronger relationships with your existing customers and people you have email addresses for by providing them with regular useful, topical articles and handouts through our pre-written email newsletters
  4. Capitalise on the popularity of video to boost engagement on your Facebook page, YouTube channel and increase your search profile and SEO of your website
  5. Increase the engagement and 'stickiness' on your website by posting our pre-written blog posts onto your site and at the same time boosting your SEO (search engine optimisation)
  6. Run short evening or lunch seminars using our ready-made PowerPoint Presentations to get you in front of prospective new clients and increase your local profile
  7. Use our pre-designed postcards to boost visitors to your website by promoting your new content or to advertise workshops and seminars.

An Overview of The Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform

We have developed a marketing 'platform' on the Co-Kinetic website which now posts the social media that we already create for you, straight to your social networks.

Some of these social media posts link to a lead collection page which offers some sort of value-added resource for download in exchange for an email address (you can see an example here).

This is how social media can be used to grow your email list with a view to your building on that relationship and nurturing that contact into a paying customer over time. And this is how you can start to generate a real return-on-investment (ROI) on your social media efforts.

If this is the first time you've come across our marketing platform and content, why not watch our short 3-minute animated explainer video below, which describes how the process works.

If you've used our resources before an just want to jump straight to a specific element of our marketing kits then you can use the links below. If not, please continue reading/watching :-)


1. Using the social media posts

If you want a 6 minute introductory video showing how to use the Co-Kinetic social media content and how it fits into the bigger marketing strategy and return on investment then watch this video.

If you just want a 3 minute short video on how to activate a campaign without the strategy element, watch this video.

What to do:

Step 1: If you haven't connected your social networks to the Co-Kinetic system, the first stop is the Integrations area. You can access this in the Account Administration panel or click here to go straight to the Integrations area.

It's worth just double checking this even if you have previously connected your accounts because Facebook forces you to re-connect periodically anyway as part of its security protocol. If you are connected, then jump to step 2.

Here you need to log into the social networks that you want to be able to post to and if you know your Google Analytics Tracking ID and Facebook Pixel ID then add them at this time. If you'd like more help with this click the links below. If you have a Mailchimp account this is also where you would connect it.

Step 2: Go to the Campaigns section and click the Edit button for the campaign you wish to run (you can also have multiple campaigns running at the same time and we'd recommend you do).

  1. Firstly I'd suggest starting with the Campaign media tab - scrolling through the posts and deactivating any that you don't want to post (the will be active by default). When you've finished going through them, click Update at the bottom of the page.
  2. Next go to the Set up tab and choose the following settings
  • Select the networks you would like to send the campaign to by toggling them to active (currently Facebook and Twitter)
  • Choose the frequency of posts you would like sent to those networks using the Change Post Schedule drop down menu (or you can leave it on the default setting if you'd prefer)
  • Choose your start date and end date for the campaign (you can run and rerun these campaigns at any time) and click Update

And that's it! All done. Those posts will send out at the frequency you've chosen to the networks you've selected between the dates you've selected.

A couple of important notes

Bear in mind that if there are 25 social media posts in a campaign (for example) and you've chosen to post at a frequency of one post a day, you need to allow at least 26 days (to be safe) days for the campaign to run. If you don't allow enough days for the posts to cycle through at the frequency you've chosen, it will cut the campaign short and the last posts won't be published.

And as the BEST social posts come at the END of the campaigns (because we build up in their quality and engagement intensity), you don't want to miss them out. So just make sure to give the campaign enough time to run all the way through at the frequency you've chosen.


  • To increase your number of social network followers
  • To collect new email leads to nurture into paying customers
  • Promote your reputation as a knowledgeable, authoritative practitioner
  • Increase engagement on your social networks
  • Keep your social network pages updated with fresh content

Kit contents: Each Co-Kinetic content marketing campaign kit comes with around 10-30 social media posts.

Power user option: We don't currently integrate with Instagram because this requires us to build a mobile app as that's the only way to post to Instagram currently, and at the moment all our development money has gone into getting this first phase live (it is however high on the priority list).

We do however provide you with the same social media images that you see in under the Campaign media tab that you can send to Facebook and Twitter, optimised and sized specifically for Instagram. Obviously they won't link to a landing page as the Facebook and Twitter ones do, but you can at least publish them on your Instagram account!

The video below was done when we hadn't built the new marketing platform to do the social media posting for you, so the download files that you will see in the video will look slightly different but it does show you in principle how to download your images. The Instagram images will be found under a folder called Social Media

2. Using the social media videos

What to do: The videos under the Campaign media tab will automatically be posted to Facebook and/or Twitter as part of the normal process, however we do also provide these files as downloads if you want to post them to YouTube, Vimeo or onto your website.


  • Increase engagement on your social networks, particularly Facebook, YouTube and your own website
  • Boost your website SEO and search ranking (websites with video are increasingly ranking significantly higher that websites without video)
  • Increase branding awareness (see the power user option below)

Kit contents: Each Co-Kinetic content marketing campaign has 4-5 short videos you can use to upload to any of your social networks.

Power user option: Get your logo animated (this costs less than £5 if you use a logo animator on Fiverr) and add it to the end of the video using a simple video editing tool like Animoto.

Key points:

  • Video is currently the big thing
  • Both Facebook and Google are boosting pages that feature video
  • We spend more time on YouTube each day than any other social network
  • YouTube is the world's second biggest search engine, after Google, and it's owned by Google
  • According to Moovly your website is 53x more likely to show up on page 1 of Google if you have video on it

3. Using the pre-written article/blog post and 'lead magnets'

What to do: Download the zip file called Articles and Lead Magnet for the campaign you want to run. Copy the text of the article and paste it into a new blog post on your website (the newer campaigns include a Word file containing this text), you can also use the images we supply to 'pretty it up'.

I would highly recommend that you use this blog post to encourage people to sign up to receive the 'lead magnet' which we deliver through the Campaign landing we build for you with each campaign. This is the same page that your social media posts link to. This gives you the opportunity to use the blog post to further build your email list and this is an all-important part of making sure you get a good return on your marketing investment.

All you have to do is mention in the article something like "we have a free patient leaflet download [or whatever text you feel comfortable with] at the following link". Then you insert your Personal Campaign URL which is found on the Set Up tab for the campaign in question - shown in the image below.

This links the blog post reader to your landing page and your 'lead magnet' and if they like what they see they will give you their email address in return for the download which means your website is then working much more effectively for you.

If you need more help on your Personal Campaign URL and what you can do with it, you can read this short article.


  • Add value for website visitors
  • Boost your authority, credibility and reputation
  • Increase the search engine profile and SEO of your website
  • Increase website engagement and 'stickiness'
  • If used in conjunction with the lead capture form, grow your email list
  • You could even submit the article or lead magnets to local newspapers or magazines to publish under your name - the content of the blog post is copyright free.

Kit contents: Each Co-Kinetic content marketing campaign contains the following:

  • Professionally designed PDF guide/article/newsletter
  • Additional 'lead magnets' such as a patient rehabilitation leaflets or cheat sheets etc.
  • Word file containing the text of the PDF guide/article/newsletter - for you to copy and paste on your blog or website
  • Images you can use in your blog post to accompany the article text

4. Using the pre-prepared customer email newsletter

What to do: Use the email text and images provided in the zip file (or the pre-prepared Mailchimp template) to send past, current and prospective customers who you have email addresses for, a helpful, value-added email packed full of useful information. Make sure to include a sentence in the email encouraging them to forward it to anyone they know who might find it useful. It's amazing what a direct call to action like that can achieve in terms of email shares. If you don't use a dedicated email marketing platform like Mailchimp, and don't know how to extract your customer contacts from your current email application, you can find out how to so at this link.


  • Keep in touch with your existing customer base
  • Nurture prospective clients through the 'sales funnel' to becoming paying clients
  • Develop loyalty
  • Stay at the forefront of people's minds
  • Build on your reputation as a trustworthy expert in your industry

Kit contents:

  • Pre-written text for email
  • Images for use in the email
  • Mailchimp template link (which can be found in the Article Weblinks Box under the Media Contents box)

Fore more help creating email campaigns click here.

5. Using the off-the-shelf PowerPoint Presentation to run seminars and workshops

What to do: Use the PowerPoint presentation to run education sessions which increase your local profile and give you the opportunity to get face to face with prospective new customers. You could run it as a value add to your existing customers and give them a 'guest pass' to bring a friend or promote your session locally through local media, social media and any other channels you have access to. If you like getting in front of people, this is a great technique for winning new clients.


  • Get in front of new prospective customers
  • Build your reputation locally
  • Offer value to your local area

Kit contents:

  • Off-the-shelf pre-written PowerPoint presentation with blank slides if you want to add additional content

6. Using the printable, editable postcard

What to do: Download the zip file with the word postcard in the title, in the campaign of your choice. Then edit it (help video below) and have it professionally printed with a call to action on the reverse of the postcard (we've even produced videos to show you how to easily add text to the postcard without having to involve a designer and how to order it with an online print supplier).

The call to action on the postcard could be:

A seminar or workshop that you put on using the provided PowerPoint presentation, maybe based at your clinic if you have room, and if not then at another local venue (this could even be a room in a pub if you wanted to include a post-meeting social). Make sure to add the all the following details of the event to the reverse of the postcard:

  • the title of the event
  • maybe a short description of how it will help the potential attendee and what it will cover
  • the venue the event is being held at
  • the date and time of the event
  • and last but not least, how to book onto the event.

Alternatively you could just include details of the link to the supplied article or blog post on your website - ideally using a lead capture form to offer access to the added lead magnets (also supplied) in return for an email address.

You can use the postcard for whatever you want and you can add whatever details you like to it (see video below for how to do this).

You could then have the postcard printed with someone like Solopress (we don't earn affiliate fees but we've used them for a lot of our own printing and they've been cheap, good quality and reliable). We've included a video on exactly how to order this product on Solopress.

You could then circulate the postcards wherever possible locally, such as: - through partner businesses who may offer complimentary services (in the case of the cycling campaign you could ask cycle shops to distribute it for you, maybe with an offer for 10% off new bookings so that the partner can also offer their customers a value-added benefit) - local sports clubs - leisure centres - pin them on notice boards in supermarkets, libraries or local shops - even pubs or coffee shops where in the case of the cycling campaign, cyclists often congregate post-ride.

Kit contents: 1 x high resolution PDF which can be used by professional layout people to add details, logos, text etc. 2 x jpg images (front and reverse sides of the postcard) which can be uploaded to an image editing platform like Canva, where you can add your own text etc. (See help video below).

Help videos:

At the time of writing Solopress charge just £20 to print 100 A6 double sided postcards which means these postcards can be an incredibly effective piece of marketing collateral that are well worth making use of.

7. Using the lead-collection landing pages

What to do: The lead-collection landing pages that we now create for you under the Co-Kinetic marketing platform, are a key 'power tool' in the whole content marketing process. Yes you can post your social media images and videos on your social networks and increase your followers and engagement on your social pages, but it makes them so much more effective if they are also serving to grow your email list.

The same goes for any of your other marketing material. You can use any marketing material or marketing efforts, to direct people this same lead collection page at any time. All the resources we've discussed above can include your personal campaign URL link to this same page so make sure you add it to your video posts, blog posts on your website, you could even put a shortened version of the link on the postcard if you decide to print it out, anything goes.

For more ideas visit the Personal Campaign URL article at this link. Happy lead collecting :-)

The Ultimate Patient Acquisition Strategy for Physical and Manual Therapists

Part 1 - Using Social Media and Email Nurture to Build Relationships

Part 2 - Using Face to Face Events to Increase Conversions to Paying Customers

These events could include:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Free assessments
  • Promotional free treatments