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Connecting your Mailchimp account to the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform

How to Connect Mailchimp to the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform

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  1. Log into your Mailchimp or create a new account
  2. Click on your name/account name in the top right hand corner and click on "Profile" in the dropdown menu
  3. Then click on the word Extras in the menu bar and select "API keys"
  4. Click the "Create A Key" button
  5. A new key will appear above the button. Rename the label to Co-Kinetic website
  6. Copy the key to the right of the label which is long string of numbers and letters looking something like this f918cdf84239c76f6e248486b80abb336-us2
  7. Paste this set of numbers and letters in the Mailchimp API details box under Integrations in the Co-Kinetic site
  8. Lastly (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT) go to the My Account Details are on Co-Kinetic and click the Address tab and add a Company Name in the Company field on that tab, if there isn't one there already. This is essential if you've set up a new Mailchimp account especially for these purposes, because the integration won't work, and leads won't be sent over, without this field being populated.

Why Connect the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform to Mailchimp?

When you publish our social media posts directly onto your social networks, the text will usually contain a link to a page where people can download more information, usually in exchange for sharing their email address with you.

When a customer enters their email address it comes back into the Co-Kinetic site and sits under the Leads tab for that specific campaign.

If you integrate with Mailchimp, it will send that lead to Mailchimp creating a new group for each campaign meaning you can see easily who is interested in what topics and use this information for future campaigns.

You also then have the incredibly simple but powerful opportunity to develop your relationship with new leads, by setting up automations using our pre-created email templates (don't worry, we give you a step by step guide on how to do this). This means as soon as someone signs up to a campaign, you can automatically trigger one or more emails offering additional helpful information, to be sent to that individual giving you a great opportunity to build on your relationship with these customers.

Why Mailchimp?

  • Mailchimp offers free accounts for up to 2,000 contact records (ie. unique email addresses)
  • We create email templates for Mailchimp which makes it super-easy for you to save time not having to create the emails yourself
  • Mailchimp is an awesome email marketing platform, it integrates with all sorts of other software you might be using, and the support is fantastic.

FAQs about the Mailchimp Integration

Where will my new contacts be added in Mailchimp?

The very first time a lead is sent from Co-Kinetic to Mailchimp (once the two platforms have been connected) it will trigger the creation of a new List in Mailchimp called Co-Kinetic Leads. If you already use Mailchimp, this will keep the new data completely separate from any other data you already have in Mailchimp (obviously you can import these new leads into your existing lists if you choose to).

Then a new group under the main Co-Kinetic Leads list will be created for each individual marketing campaign. This means you can easily see who's interested in which topics and offer them information on similar topics in the future.

Because we create a new group for a campaign, this means one customer can be a member of several groups and still only be counted as one lead/or contact.