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Co-Kinetic Features and Benefits [Article]

Co-Kinetic Website and Journal - Practical Resources for Physical and Manual Therapists

Co-Kinetic is an online content resource and printed journal for physical and manual therapists. It features articles, videos, podcasts and conference presentations on a wide variety of both clinical as well as business related topics relevant to physical and manual therapists across the world. All the content included on the site focuses on practical application and is aimed at saving practitioners time and money. It has been developed by the publishers of the translational sports medicine and manual therapy journal, sportEX, which was launched in 1999. The printed journal is also available as a subscription.

Our goal at Co-Kinetic is to find ways we can use our skills in publishing and business, to give you tools and resources that make you look like you've got all the time in the world (even if that's not necessarily how you always feel). Click here to see just some of our features and benefits.

Some key points

  • Co-Kinetic is an online resource and printed journal for physical and manual therapists
  • The content is multimedia and includes articles, videos, podcasts and conference presentations on a wide variety of internationally relevant topics
  • Every piece of content focuses on turning research into practical application
  • Every piece of content is aimed at saving practitioners time and money
  • You can view a recent issue in full by clicking on the cover image below.

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How we can help

Want quick and easy way to clock up professional development credits? Done!

Most practicing therapists would agree that you don't actually start learning how to use your new found skills when you qualify until you start putting them into practice regularly. Like driving, you learn the rules of the road and the physical and neurodynamic skills to manoeuvre a car, but it's only after you pass your test that you really start to learn how to drive.

But unlike cars and roads, where the rules don't really change, anything involving the human body, can and does....regularly.

A good therapist has to continually learn and adapt. Evidence-based practice is crucial but so too, as we all know, is practice-based evidence.

But evidencing that learning can feel like a bit of a burden and we all dread that communication from our professional association, telling us we've been selected to be audited. In reality we're learning all the time, we just don't have time to stop and write the lessons we've learnt down.

To try and ease some of this burden we do a few things with our articles.

  1. We try and ensure that as many pieces of content as possible have certificated elearning quizzes. These are quick 15 question multiple choice quizzes which if completed successfully result in a personalised downloadable/printable CPD certificate which outlines the contents of the quiz and includes your name and your pass rate. This is accessible for you to download at any time.
  2. We include 3-4 debate-style questions at the end of each article which you can use in journal/reading groups or as essay topics for students.
  3. Lastly we make sure to include as many different types of media within our articles so that we cater for all learning styles and preferences. These include videos, podcasts, loads of visual aides and images and more recently audio-recordings of our most popular articles.

Don't waste precious time doing things we can do for you

Another of the most common 'stresses' that our readers report is the amount of time it takes to keep up with changes in research, and let's not get started on social media!

Our readers fall into three camps when it comes to social media:

  1. I don't touch it
  2. I try to but it's overwhelming
  3. I love it!

And yet 87% of the people we surveyed begrudgingly admitted that it could be useful both for keeping up to date as well as a potential marketing tool, but only 14% actually engaged in it regularly for one of the above purposes.

We get it. Time is a huge issue. So very early on we introduced our Journal Watch sections and a few years ago we introduced our monthly Social Watch. We won't find everything that you might want because that would be overwhelming for everyone, but we will make sure you don't miss anything important.

Be confident that your knowledge and treatments are as effective as the evidence supports

With our content you can be 100% confident that your knowledge is completely up to date, you’re on top of changes in the research evidence base and that your treatments are as effective as the evidence supports.

Our multi-layered peer-reviewing system and international commissioning editor panel also ensure a truly global perspective.

Here's a table showing the main ways our content can help you

Co-Kinetic subscriptions

A few important points about our subscriptions

  • All our subscriptions are charged monthly or quarterly so there are no long contracts and you can cancel at any time
  • You can subscribe to exactly the modules you want through our flexible subscription options
  • You can get help at any time using the website's inbuilt chat tool.

Our main subscriptions

Our main categories

Co-Kinetic website video tour - how to get the best from our site

In this short 6 minute video you will learn how to:

  • Use the tag cloud to quickly jump to areas of content such as patient handouts or articles relating to rugby or the shoulder
  • Use the 'favourite' feature to store articles you want to reference frequently and access them with one click
  • Change your password and update your email or postal address
  • Use the breadcrumb trail to find your way back to where you started (or anywhere inbetween)
  • Make full use of all the different media types that might be associated with an article
  • Where to find the elearning professional development quizzes and access or print out your certificates
  • How to update or change your payment cards
  • See which subscriptions you currently have active and view past orders
  • How to quickly and easily contact us using the new Chat tool which can be found on every page of the site

Want to see one article which demonstrates all the features?

Just click here for The Anatomy of an Article

This article explains the key features of our new site and where you will find the different elements of an article.

Final word

We hope that you like the content you've seen, like the way we do business, and decide you'd like to take out a subscription, then we look forward to welcoming you to our fast-growing community.