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Patient Information Leaflet: Radial Shockwave Therapy [Printable leaflet]

This patient information leaflet includes an overview of the radial shockwave therapy, how it works, it's benefits, differences between radial shockwave therapy and extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and is radial shockwave therapy right for me.

The A4 full colour leaflet in PDF format is designed to be printed out and handed to your clients and can also be used on your website as part of a "call to action" document download (for more information read our article "Physical therapy website design: 10 homepage essentials for getting new clients"). You can purchase the leaflet individually, as part of the patient information section or as part of a full site subscription.

Our Co-Kinetic patient advice leaflets are written and reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of medical and fitness professionals. Every leaflet is peer-reviewed at the very minimum by a professional in each of the following disciplines: physical therapy, manual therapy and exercise/fitness. Where appropriate we may also ask a recognised national charity to review and approve the content.

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