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Christmas Content on Co-Kinetic


In true Santa-style we have something for everyone this Christmas. There's content and resources you can use to entertain your social media followers, share in your email newsletters and on your social networks, build your email list, brighten up your clinic walls and probably most importantly, boost your cash flow (that's the voucher btw).

Content available under each subscription

  • 4 Christmas Social Media Campaigns (Social Media and Clinic Growth subscribers)
  • 9 Christmas Posters (open access with free login)
  • 3 Christmas Voucher Campaigns (Clinic Growth subscribers, new Social Media subscribers joining before the 4th Dec and subscribers to the Voucher Bolt-On (details below)
  • 21 Christmas-Themed Client Information Leaflets (all subscribers/all subscriptions inc. SMA members)

Keep reading for details on each.

Social Media Campaigns

  1. BRAND NEW SOCIAL CAMPAIGN GOES LIVE ON 29TH NOVEMBER - focused specifically on generating follower engagement - this will be available to post on the 29th Nov - you can take a sneak peak at the images below (post copy obviously also provided and no Co-Kinetic logos featured)
  2. We're All Dreaming of a Green Christmas - a green spin on the traditional Christmas theme, with tips on how to reduce your environmental impact this Christmas
  3. Festive Follies - a light-hearted educational look at the impact of some of Christmas's excesses with advice on how to mitigate them
  4. Happy Holidays or Is It? - this campaign explores the impact that Christmas can have on negative mental health with advice on how to stay positive and relieve stress, during a time that can cause anxiety for many.

Available under the following subscriptions

  • Social Media
  • Clinic Growth

Explore the social media campaigns


Come on, why not add a bit of festive spirit to those lack lustre clinic walls with our fun and entertaining Christmas poster range.


The Range includes:

  • Happy Green Christmas - Advent Calendar Poster with 25 Tips for Being Green This Christmas
  • 5 Ways to Support Your Local Business This Christmas - Poster
  • Should I Get a Massage This Christmas? - Poster
  • 25 Reasons to Get a Massage This Christmas - Poster
  • 7 Yoga Poses to Help with Stress Relief This Christmas - Poster
  • Ask Us About Our Christmas Gift Vouchers - Poster
  • 5 Awesome Reasons to Give the Gift of Massage This Christmas - Poster
  • Give the Gift of Massage This Christmas (Santa theme) - Poster
  • Give the Gift of Massage This Christmas (Luxuriating dog theme) - Poster

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We have 3 different a pre-built voucher campaigns featuring different themes (Santa, Skeleton and Marshmallow Man). Each theme includes:

  • a pre-built voucher purchase page - just add details of your voucher offer in our simple form, and you're ready to start selling
  • two pre-written non-salesy sales emails so you don't have to sweat the small stuff figuring out how to ask your email list in a non-salesy way to get buying
  • choose from a selection of voucher templates
  • ready-to-post social media to give your social media followers that all-important nudge to get purchasing
  • stunning therapy-themed posters you can use to promote your voucher campaign to people visiting (or passing) your clinic window.

Available under the following subscriptions

Client Information Resources

Perfect for sharing as links in your emails, on your social media pages or those of local groups, or printing out as reading material for your clinic reception area.

  • Festive Follies - a range of leaflets with some light-hearted advice on strategies for avoiding the excesses of Christmas - check out these resources here
  • Happy Holidays or Is It? - a range of leaflets aimed at helping people navigate the stresses and mental health challenges that Christmas can present - check out those resources here
  • The Benefits of Massage - a set of six Christmas-themed leaflets covering the various ways in which massage can benefit people including for stress relief, improving sleep, for managing musculoskeletal pain and recovering from sport and exercise participation - check out those resources here.

The leaflets are included under ALL of our subscriptions

  • Clinical Education (inc. SMA members)
  • Social Media
  • Clinic Growth

Explore the Christmas-themed massage benefits leaflets


First monthly campaign goes live and will be ready to post on the 29th November.

Here's a sneak peek - the post copy has been specifically written to encourage comments, shares, likes, tags (and obviously our logo won't appear in the real version!).

Happy Christmas marketing from all of us at Co-Kinetic

We look forward helping you stick two fingers up at the recession and make 2023 a rip-roaring success.

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