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Biotensegrity Part 2: The Role of the Fascia in the Science of Body Architecture [Article]

In this second article about the concept of biotensegrity, we consider the fascia, or tensional network of the living body. Many traditional concepts of biomechanics and musculoskeletal anatomy are evolving rapidly, particularly in light of a better understanding of biotensegrity. Biotensegrity has been defined as the new "science of body architecture" and includes the latest research into the fascia. Biotensegrity, or tensegrity in biology, is described as the tensional network of the human form. It is an emerging field that raises new questions and insights into how this fascial connective tissue matrix is tensioned and how crucial that is to human structure. There are challenges in naming the fascia and relating this ubiquitous fabric of human form to structure and natural function in living movement. Some key questions are explored here. Does biotensegrity provide the missing link?