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Biotensegrity: A Balance of Forces [Video]

Why is elasticity so crucial to our health and resilience? What exactly do we mean by elasticity and how does it relate to Biotensegrity? What specific values does this context bring to the body work table or the movement classroom?

As Fascia Research expands, so the technology to understand its characteristics and behaviours in our moving bodies is becoming more refined. It is changing the perspective of how we see and assess the body holistically and, in particular, the value we place on elasticity as a component of adaptability and resilience. New models and metaphors, such as biotensegrity, explain movement and our responses to intervention in new ways. This is valuable, even crucial knowledge for all movement and manual practitioners in the fields of health and human performance. Using the theme of biotensegrity and recognising its range of applications, will provide insight into the value of all different kinds of intervention from a variety of modalities.

Biotensegrity: A Balance of Forces - webinar presented by Joanne Avison