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April/May/June Update: Newly Released Content and Technology

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The Co-Kinetic Compendium of Marketing and Clinic Growth for Physical and Manual Therapists

Published in April, this Compendium is both a marketing guide and a handbook helping you to get the very best value from your Co-Kinetic subscription as well as your marketing activities. It’s a long overdue, all-in-one-place outline of the full range of services at your disposal – including several new features developed to help you adapt to the post-Covid business landscape.

As well as detailed descriptions of everything available to you, you’ll find tips on how to use your social media, run successful live events, attract new customers with discount vouchers and more. You’ll also find handy marketing ‘cheat sheets’ to help make sure you’re doing the right marketing at the right time. It’s our way of ensuring you’re getting the best value – and the most customers – from your Co-Kinetic resources as you look to build your business.

Who Can Access this Content?

As of June, it is fully open-access at this link.

Ready-to-Run Business Growth Campaigns – NEW for 2021

Introductory Offer/Taster Appointment Clinic Growth Campaign

All the content you need to run an Introductory Offer/Taster Session business growth campaign to jump- start the conversion of prospects into paying clients, and generate revenue. It includes a range of editable content, such as a pre-written web sign-up page, ready-to-post social media, and printable artwork including posters and leaflets that you can use to promote your campaign.

If you wish to charge for your introductory session, you can also set your web page up to take payments. Login with an existing account or register a free one below for more details and an accompanying video showing you what’s included in the campaign and how to implement it.

Ideal times to use a campaign like this are when people take ‘first step’ actions such as:

  • signing up to your email newsletter
  • following one of your social media pages
  • signing up to a lead magnet
  • making an enquiry off your website (that’s maybe a little tenuous and doesn’t look like a willingness to commit to a fully paid appointment at that point)
  • meeting you (or your team) at local events.

All you need to do is include the link to your web sign-up page in any material you distribute.

You can watch a video demonstration of this campaign at the following link and you can find the content at this link.

It’s a great way to jump-start the process of turning a prospect into a paying client at an early opportunity.

Who Can Access this Content?

  • Full Site subscribers – included in your subscription
  • Anyone else – this content is purchasable individually at the following link

Open Clinic Event Clinic Growth Campaign

This campaign includes all the content and technology you need to run an Open Clinic event to generate new clients and bookings. It includes a ready-to-use, editable web sign- up page allowing you to take sign-ups to your event, along with some pre-designed artwork including social media, a ticket/coupon and printable promotional material including a poster and postcard (which can be mailed) to existing and past clients. All the content can be edited to add your specific event details. If you wish to charge for your event, you can also set up the web page up to take payments.

In short, we’ve done almost everything for you, all you need to do is decide what your event will be, pick a time/ date to run it and then use the various pieces of artwork provided, to promote it.

This is a great way to introduce new equipment, new therapists, new clinic areas or facilities and to reduce barriers to booking paid appointments in the future. It could be combined with offering free sessions to increase attendance. The goal of the event is to offer exclusive packages or incentives to book paid appointments.

You can watch a video demonstration of this campaign at and you can find the content at this link.

Who Can Access this Content?

  • Full Site subscribers – included in your subscription
  • Anyone else – this content is purchasable individually at the following link.

Social Media and Marketing Content

Football-Related Content

Forty unique pieces of social media including 17 infographic images, 7 videos (incl. an explainer animation), 6 lead magnets/handouts, an email lead collection/sign-up form and a lead magnet delivery page - now available.

There is already an existing full content marketing campaign for Full Site subscribers (which includes additional content of pre-written blog post, nurture email, PowerPoint presentation, and education-based conversion event campaign).

We have also produced both campaigns in two variations, one using the word soccer, the other using the word football!

Who Can Access this Content?


Updated Webinar: Discover the 20% of Marketing Activities That Will Give You 80% of Your Marketing Results

The first version of this webinar was watched by more than 1000 therapists worldwide, a whopping 80% of whom watched the webinar from start to finish! If your worries about marketing include not knowing what you should be focusing on, being worried about not having enough time (or worse, wasting time doing the wrong things), thinking you don’t have good enough IT skills, or not wanting to come across as a second-hand car salesman, then this webinar will be a huge help in giving you direction, focus and confidence.

I will show you how to create a regular (but controllable) flow of patients (the controllable part is important) when you need them, and how to smooth out the peaks and troughs that the usual ‘feast and famine’ nature of appointments can create. Probably the best thing is that I will show you how to do it all without being or feeling in the least bit salesy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one wo/man business, or a multi-therapist practice, it doesn’t matter if you have no marketing knowledge or consider yourself pretty advanced, and it doesn’t matter if you’re starving for clients, or just need a couple of extra ones here and there, this webinar will help you. The principles I guide you through are actually applicable regardless of the business you’re in or where you live in the world; I just happen to have written this with my physiotherapist hat on, so it’s particularly pertinent if you work as an allied health professional.

This webinar is jam-packed with value so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you can catch it for a couple more weeks (I’m scheduled to stop running it in mid-July but I may extend this). It’s free to register. You can sign up here

Newly Published Help Content

At the time of writing this update, I’ve completed 9 out of the 21 help posts that go with the article we published in the April issue entitled “20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Co-Kinetic Subscriptions Could Do For You”.

The help posts cover:

  1. Offer a free or paid taster/introductory appointment
  2. Run an Open Clinic event
  3. Take sign-ups to just about anything!
  4. Deliver a free content download
  5. Give access to a private/premium web page
  6. Run a prize draw/competition/raffle
  7. Offer a downloadable discount coupon
  8. Offer a free telephone/video consultation
  9. Take sign-ups for your email newsletter

There's more coming in July. The links to the help posts to all 21 'things' will be updated here.

Coming Up in July

Co-Kinetic Journal – July

  • Physical and Manual Therapy Journal Watch
  • Pain Does Not Always Indicate Injury
  • Pain in the Athlete
  • Working with the Long Covid Client: A Massage Therapist’s Perspective
  • Oncology Massage: The Lymphatic System
  • Which Marketing Metrics Matter (And Which Don’t)
  • Timeless Testimonials: The Power of Reviews

Post-Viral Fatigue Campaign

  • 10 x patient information resources with newsletter (all subscribers)
  • Social Media Campaign (Social Media subscribers)
  • Content Marketing Campaign (Full Site subscribers)

'It's Your Birthday' Clinic Growth Campaign

This campaign is designed to help you wish your clients and prospects a Happy Birthday and if you choose to, you could combine this with the offer of a birthday discount coupon. We have provided a range of therapy-themed birthday content which you can customise and use. You could use our editable birthday card and send it with a coupon inside, or you could offer your recipients and buy-one-get-one free and take purchases through our web sign up page. Alternatively you could private message your clients/prospects through the social networks, using one of the supplied social media images, and including a link to the web sign up page. The sign-up page can also be set to take payments if required.

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