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An Overview of the Marketing and Sales Process [Article]

Many people are intimidated by marketing for the following reasons:

  • It seems confusing because there are a lot of different aspects to it, which makes it hard to know how or where to get started (problem = knowledge).
  • Because there are seemingly so many possible marketing routes, it’s easy to waste time doing things that don’t get results, and as business owners we can’t afford to do that (problem = time pressure).
  • Then there’s a concern about marketing requiring technology skills that many people don’t feel they have (problem = technology).
  • Lastly, many therapists feel very uncomfortable making sales, it’s too salesy (problem = approach).

The goal of this issue of Co-Kinetic is to solve these four problems and bring some clarity to help you see the bigger picture of marketing. This in turn will make it clear which activities you need to focus on, and importantly why, while also demonstrating that it’s possible to implement an effective marketing plan with ZERO technology skills and without ever having to feel salesy. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.