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The Facebook Pixel: Your Secret Weapon to Executing the 80:20 Rule in Building Your Physical Therapy Business (and how to add it to the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform)

This started out as a support post telling you how to add the Facebook Pixel to the Co-Kinetic platform so you can retarget people who hit your Co-Kinetic lead collection pages but don't give you their details.

But frankly the Facebook Pixel is so important, I've decided to use this post to explain exactly how it can help you.

For instructions on adding the Pixel ID to Co-Kinetic

Jump straight to how to add your Facebook Pixel ID to Co-Kinetic here

How the Facebook Pixel gives you super-powers

The Facebook Pixel gives you an amazing opportunity to super-charge your marketing efforts. It helps you refine and segment audiences and be really really clever and targeted about your marketing because it knows where people have been on your site (or on the Co-Kinetic landing pages), it tells you what they're interested in AND it let's you advertise to them based on these interests. This is how it works.

Let's say you're publishing all this great Co-Kinetic social media content out onto your social networks, and some people are doing exactly as intended and are clicking on the links, ending up on the lead collection pages which offer our value-add 'lead magnets' and then entering in their email details in exchange for the download.

Great, all is working according to plan BUT....

Say someone starts filling out their details and then something distracts them, a knock on the door, a text coming through on the mobile, the kids screaming, the dog barking, or another email popping into their inbox. In a flash they've gone, you've lost their attention, they're onto the next thing, and they'll probably never get around to giving you their details and downloading that document.

But wait...what if, courtesy of Facebook, you could pop a gentle reminder in front of them the next time they're on Facebook saying, "Hey, you know that great guide on shoulder impingement that you were interested in, you can still download it here.". And it pops up right in front of them, on their own Facebook wall, just hours after they visited your Co-Kinetic lead capture page and forgot to enter their details.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't! That's exactly what Facebook allows you to do when you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website (and the Pixel ID added to your Co-Kinetic lead capture pages). It's called remarketing or retargeting.

The same goes for any page someone visits on your website, it doesn't matter how they've got to that page or where they've come from, if they have an account on Facebook, and you have the Pixel installed on your website, you can remarket to them using Facebook.

So say you had a blog post on your website about back pain you can then re-market specifically to anyone who's visited that page with an 'ad' or a boosted Facebook post on something relating to back pain, preferably something useful and relevant to their needs, and ideally this would be a lead magnet (one of those highly desirable pieces of content) which they can download in exchange for giving you their email address. The retargeting ad gives you a second strike at collecting their email address while at the same time offering something of value and strengthening the relationship with the prospect.

The email address is the holy grail at this level of marketing, because once you have it, then your own independent rights to communicate with that customer (obviously within data protection laws). But 'pixelling' someone is a pretty good back up plan.

Let's take a quick look at the numbers.

Say 100 people see your post on your wall, 5 might click on the link (5%), and one person goes ahead and enters their email address (1%). If you didn't pixel them, you just get the 1% result. But if you did pixel them, you have a chance to pick up another 4 people because you can re-target the ones that hit the landing page. That means you could double, triple or even quadruple your success rate, with very low costs. You already know they're interested in the topic in question, because they've already clicked the link in the first place, so your chances of converting them are pretty strong.

The best bit about all this, is that you can segment and target based on exactly what they were interested in, by using content on your website or the Co-Kinetic landing pages, even though you don't even have their email details! This is a super clever trick and really easy to implement, which is why so many practitioners are thriving by using the marketing strategy that we outline in our various articles.

It's not 'our' marketing strategy, it's a strategy that's being used by professionals in 100s of different industries. And it's being used because it works! You can learn more about the full strategy here.

Marketing is all about working the numbers and being clever about finding the customers who have a high probability that they’ll require your services (and soon), the motivation to seek your services and the means to pay for them. I write in more detail about this at this link.

But there's an even greater benefit for local businesses

Because you can choose EXACTLY who sees these 'remarketing' ads. So not only can you remarket to someone who's visited your page on back pain, but you can stipulate that they must live within say 10 miles of your clinic. Yup, so now you're getting super-targeted AND super-relevant AND super-local.

Never before have local businesses had so much opportunity to target potential customers. The internet is ubiquitous and international. Anyone could hit the page on your website about back pain, or your Co-Kinetic lead collection page on shoulder pain but if they're in the USA, they're not likely to become a paying customer. Someone who lives 5 miles down the road from your clinic however, is a distinct possibility.

So hopefully you can now see just why installing the Facebook pixel should be such a priority. And if you don't do it, you can bet that your competitors will!

Back to the Facebook Pixel

So even if after all I've said you have absolutely no intention to use Facebook Ads currently, either because you wouldn't know where to start, or you've been burnt in the past spending a lot of money under the guidance of so-called 'experts' who have delivered absolutely no beneficial outcomes, please don't rule it out just yet. I have a lot of marketing clients using Facebook Advertising incredibly successfully and we will be putting together campaigns and strategies in the future that can help you replicate this success.

So if you do nothing else today, set up an Ad Account (don't spend any money or trigger any ads) and get your Facebook Pixel ID installed on your website (or pay someone else to do it for you) so you can start tracking the people who visit your site. The more data you have in the future to work from, the better your results will be.

Happy Pixelling!

Adding the Facebook Pixel to the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform

Instructions if you already have a Facebook Ads account

  1. Log into your Ads Manager area and your Facebook Pixel can be found in the top left hand corner of the page under your Account name
  2. Simply copy and paste this sequence of numbers and add them to the Pixel ID box under Integrations > Email and Analytics Setup tab on the Co-Kinetic website.

Why is this important?

Because it means you retarget people with sponsored Facebook posts or ads, based on the topics you know they're interested in, because they've visited your lead capture page.

Instructions if you don't already have an active Facebook Ads account you can either:

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