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A new anatomy for the 21st century

This article aims to stimulate discussion concerning the continuity of the human form and a new vision of human anatomy. Current biomechanical explanations are challenged including the law of levers, inter abdominal pressure while new anatomical descriptions are put forward such as the MyoTensegrity-one muscle hypothesis. Understanding and appreciating the wholeness and connectiveness of the human body can change the way a therapist provides therapeutic interventions thus avoiding the urge to treat the symptoms as opposed to the real source of the insult. Providing a new vision of fascia as a body wide ocean with rivers, brooks, streams, lakes, pools and dry banks (Bones) offers soft tissue therapists a powerful vocabulary for explaining continuity and myofascial force transmission. This short article will be supported by additional articles expanding the concepts put forward and developing the models promoted by John Sharkey a clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist and founder of European Neuromuscular Therapy.