It's not at all fun when tragedy strikes on the slopes!

We've probably all been there and seen the 'blood wagon' whistle past us towing its latest victim, or the rescue helicopter hovering in the air...and given a silent thanks that it's not us.

But snow sports are fun.

Whether you’re hurtling down the side of a mountain at 40 mph, breathing in the clean mountain air, or exploring backcountry terrain; snow sports always involve excitement, adventure and exhilaration.

Snow sports are even more fun when you’re physically fit. And when you're fit, you also dramatically reduce your risk of coming home injured!

Which is why we put together a series of Power Exercises to get you fit, fast.

The guide includes:

  • 6 Strategies for Avoiding Injury on the Slopes
  • 6 Power Exercises for Snowboarders (with videos)
  • 6 Power Exercises for Skiers (with videos)

We see so many clients who have come home injured because they weren't adequately prepared and we don't want that to be you.

Snow Sport Injuries