If you play rugby, you know pain!

1 in 4 rugby players will be injured during a season and 46% of those injuries will send you to the sidelines for at least a week.
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  • How to reduce the risk of ankle sprain by 87%
  • How to reduce the risk of neck, back, shoulder and knee injuries by as much as 51%
  • What to add to your training to reduce your overall risk of injury

Get Practical Advice on How to Prevent and Treat The 8 Most Common Rugby Injuries

  • ACL Injury (one-third of players give up the game after this injury, don’t be one of them)
  • Ankle Sprains (which account for 1 in 7 rugby injuries)
  • Meniscus Injury (commonly associated with other knee injuries)
  • Head Injuries (of which 44% are concussions)
  • Muscle and Contusion Injuries (make up 40% of all rugby injuries)

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Rugby Injuries