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Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

Everything that we do at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) aims to improve patient care and reduce illness. We are patient centred and clinically led. We drive improvement in the diagnosis of disease, the care of individual patients and the health of the whole population, both in the UK and across the globe.

Our 30,000 members worldwide work in hospitals and the community across 30 different medical specialties. They range from medical students to retired doctors. Physicians diagnose and treat illness, and promote good health. They care for millions of medical patients with a huge range of conditions, from asthma and diabetes to stroke and yellow fever. Physicians’ clinical work ranges from caring for patients who are acutely unwell in hospital, to supporting patients to manage long-term health problems at home and encouraging people to stay fit and healthy in the community.

The RCP works to ensure that physicians are educated and trained to provide high-quality care. We improve the quality of care by auditing and accrediting clinical services against national guidelines, and we provide resources for our members to assess their own services. We involve patients and carers in every aspect of our work. We work in partnership with other medical royal colleges and health organisations to drive health improvement, enhance the quality of medical care, and promote research and innovation, so that our members are well equipped to diagnose and treat ill health. We also have a wider duty to reduce preventable illness from causes such as smoking and drinking, and to promote evidence-based policies to government to encourage healthy lifestyles.