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Postural Restoration Institute

The PRI mission is to explore postural adaptations and asymmetries and their influence on the polyarticular chains of the body. Our mission is based on the development of an innovative treatment approach that explains the primary contributors of postural kinetic and kinematic movement dysfunction.

PRI concepts continue to grow. PRI now has 159 Postural Restoration Certified™ (PRC) therapists, 23 Postural Restoration Trained™ (PRT) professionals, and over 60 Postural Restoration Centers™. Over 90 courses are hosted each year in the United States and Internationally. This includes PRI's three primary courses, three secondary courses, the Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium, as well as PRI Vision Courses and PRI Affiliate Courses. PRI has produced three editions of a CD comprised of Non-Manual Techniques and the first edition Manual Techniques DVD. Our website is the primary source for information regarding courses, location of nationwide PRI health professionals, educational materials, daily news, dialogue and references.